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Local firms hit in the pocket as fuel costs rise

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LOCAL motorists are being hit hard in the pocket as the cost of petrol rises to unprecedented levels. Locally, petrol prices remain consistently high with the cheapest being Tesco superstore in Pinchington Lane, Newbury charging 90.9p per litre for unleaded and 93.9p per litre for diesel. The highest in the area was the BP garage in London Road, Newbury charging 92p per litre for unleaded and 95p per litre for diesel.
Statistics show that the region's average price is in line with the UK average. Figures released by the AA Motoring Trust this week suggest that individual motorists are paying £99.95 per month for petrol now, compared to £87.43 at the beginning of the year. In households with two car-owning adults, this represents a £25.04 drain on family expenditure for the month.
Ruth Bridger, petrol price analyst for The AA Motoring Trust said: “It takes a little time for the price of crude oil coming out of the ground to work its way through the system and impact on pump prices. With the average two-car UK household paying more than £25 per month on extra petrol, a slowing down of the price rise offers little relief, particularly while oil prices are still volatile.”
Due to the large increase in petrol prices, the local haulage industry is also now struggling to survive. C&B Haulage in Chieveley has to pay an extra £1,000 a week to cover petrol costs. The firms transport manager Brian Burgess said: “The recent rise in the cost of oils has made a large whole in our profit margins. This is an industry that is known for tight profit margins anyway, and we have no choice but to pass the increased fuel costs onto our customers. We are worried that there will come to a point when customers will stop paying for the increased prices.”

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