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Glitzy film premiere hits The Corn Exchange

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THE red carpet was rolled out at Newbury's Corn Exchange last night (Monday), as the young stars of a new film faced the flashbulbs for the first time.
Hangman was written, produced and acted out by pupils from Brockhurst and Marlston House Junior Schools Film Club, under the watchful eye of film director and parent Bob Pinkerton.
The 20-minute movie, which cost just £500 and took two years to make, is a story of witchcraft in the mould of Shakespeare's Macbeth.
The stars enjoyed the fruits of their labour as they strolled along the red carpet outside the Corn Exchange. After stepping out of their limousine, they stopped to pose for photographs and sign autographs for their adoring fans.
Sebastian De Souza, who played Ian in the film, said he'd relish the opportunity to star in another production.
“I'd love to,” he said. “I don't know what will happen but I'd love to.
“It's been really enjoyable.”
Another of the stars, Laura Gane, who played Olivia, said the paparazzi treatment had come as a real surprise.
“I hadn't expected any of it really,” she said.
“[Making the film] was good fun, but quite hard work.”
Technicians, producers and other students who worked tirelessly behind the camera were also at the premiere, basking in their newly-found celebrity status.
Mr Pinkerton, a professional film director, said the experience had taught the children a lot about the world of film-making.
He said: “What they've learned is how hard it is to make film. It's not easy, and it's sometimes very boring and very tough work.
“They've learned it's a long project. We've been doing it for two years.”
And Mr Pinkerton said there is more to come from the film club.
“We're already three months into the next one,” he said.
“It's a story of two young girls who decide they want to go and live with the fairies – and it all goes downhill from there.”

For footage from the premiere and interviews with Bob Pinkerton and the stars, click the video link at the top of this story.

For more snaps from the premiere, click the ‘more pictures' link below.

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