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Up, up and away for Headley scouts

Reporter: Jane Meredith Reporter

Contact: 01635 886637

HEADLEY scout group took to the skies recently, during an exciting trip to a local glider club.
Ten members of the 1st Headley Scout Group were able to enjoy a special experience when each of them took flight in a glider at Lasham Airbase, near Alton.
After spending the evening camping at the side of the runway, when temperatures dropped to two degrees, the scouts were up at 6.45am for a 7.30am start.
Following an initial safety briefing, the group took it in turns to take to the skies in the two seater K13 gliders, which take less than five seconds to reach a speed of 60 mph.
Scout leader, Graeme Wallace, said from a standing start the planes seemingly “catapulted” into the air.
“The steep accent into the sky feels more rapid than when viewed from the ground, however, nothing can prepare you for the feeling of gliding in the air without an engine,” he said, adding it was certainly an experience worth camping out in the cold for.
“The scouts each had the opportunity to take control and turn the plane a few times before handing back to the instructor to land.”
Thanks to Lasham Gliding Club, he said the scouts are able to benefit from a reduced introductory rate for the trip.
Anyone interested in joining 1st Headley Scouts should email or contact Mr Wallace, on 01635 269621. The group is currently looking for a volunteer to lead the cub scouts, which caters for eight to ten-and-a-half year olds. Anyone interested in the position should also contact Mr Wallace.

Pictured above: Headley scouts (left) Joshua Adamson, aged 13, and Nick Jenkins, aged 14, on a trip made by 1st Headley Scouts group to Lasham Airbase, near Alton

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