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Public meeting after anti-social behaviour fears

Reporter: Tanya Haji Thatcham Reporter

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THATCHAM'S neighbourhood policing team has vowed to work with townspeople to tackle the continuous anti-social behaviour at Lamb Close play area.
The promise came after a public meeting on Monday (December 14) night between residents, police and councillors to discuss the problems which have been occurring since the park was refurbished.
The meeting took place after newburytoday reported residents' concerns following a car fire in the area last month.
A red Vauxhall Corsa sport (pictured) was apparently set ablaze in Newbolt Close at around 2am on Sunday, November 22.
Following this week's meeting, residents have also been urged to continue to call the police when they witnessed anti-social behaviour at the play area and surrounding streets.
Concerns from residents included balls being kicked against the walls of homes, children walking on the tops of garages and general vandalism.
There was also concern about the general untidiness of the areas which residents said included littering, the bins not being emptied and abandoned garages being opened and filled with rubbish.
One Thatcham resident, who asked not to be named, said: “You don't feel comfortable in your own home.
“You feel intimidated if you want to take your children in the park.
“Why should I not be able to take my child in the park.”
PCSO Jon Coffman said that the residents needed to help the police to tackle these problems by calling them when they saw incidents taking place and to make note of the names of any of the trouble-makers they could identify.
He also said that the shift patterns of the neighbourhood policing team was currently being reviewed so that rather than them all being off at the same time the shifts would be staggered.
He said this would help as members of the team would always be available.
He said: “The problem is trying to find out who is doing it. We need people to let us know.
“I promise I will be around there more but I can't be there 24/7.
“It's down to you guys to call in.”
He added: “Let's find out who these people are and start educating the parents.
“It's a major issue and we will strive to reduce it.”
Following the discussion, it was decided that the town council would contact West Berkshire Crime Reduction Advisor, Romy Freiburghaus, to give information and help to the residents, that they would summarize the powers of the PCSOs and wardens so that residents knew who to contact and make sure that the contractors were emptying the bins three times a week as they should.
The town council has also said that it would try to discover who owned the garages which have been filled with rubbish to get them to clear it up.

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