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Newbury’s most spectacular night of rock

Reporter: Tanya Haji Thatcham Reporter

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THE organiser of Newbury's ‘Biggest and Most Spectacular Night of Rock' has said that he hopes that it could become a regular event, if it proves to be a success next month.
This is the first time that Leo Westby of guitar, bass, drum and vocal school Let's Play Rock has organised an event like this – something he describes as a dream come true.
The line-up on September 11 at the Corn Exchange will feature four bands, The Crave, Tin Soldiers, Cold Ash's own band The Jammin' Dodgers and The Great Statesmen, as well as one of the young, new bands taking part in the two school events that Let's Play Rock is holding this month.
Westby said that the first challenge he came across when organising the event was convincing the Corn Exchange to take a chance on them.
He said: “We told them the idea came from the rock school we hold.
“All the bands wanted to do it, but it was the logistics of getting them there on one night.
“The Corn Exchange said that they had one day free for the rest of the year and, unbelievably, all the bands were available.
“Then we had meetings with the Corn Exchange and got a top-class PA system – we didn't want to skimp on anything.
“We got the best kit so it would be spectacular – we wanted people to say, “Wow, that's something else.
“There hasn't been anything like this at the Corn Exchange for quite a long time.
“It used to be great for events like this.
“It's always been my dream to hire the place.
“We want the night of rock to be fantastic and to show the Corn Exchange how these events can work and be good for them.”
Westby was confident that he had come up with four bands that could please the crowds, after saying recently that he had been to some gigs where the bands were just not good enough.
“You need a quality product to sell and you should try and get some local bands involved,” he said.
“We need to get music working again and try and get the Corn Exchange interested.
“It will also be a great opportunity for the youngsters.”
Westby said that he had seen The Crave at a festival at which Status Quo were also playing and he felt that such events brought generations of revellers together and he hoped this gig would do the same for people in Newbury.
“This is going to be extra special for Newbury. Everybody loves the bands we have got.
“They make great music and are great fun.
“We want people to say it's awesome. It's also family fun, and there are people as young as six coming.
“We hope that everybody comes out having been entertained and knowing what these bands are capable of.”
He added: “This is one of the most exciting things I have ever done.
“It's incredibly exciting – a dream come true.”
Tickets for the event cost £10 in advance, or £12 on the door, which opens at 7pm.
They are available from the Corn Exchange box office on (01635) 522733 or at

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