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Neighbours in tit-for-tat moves

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HUNGERFORD and neighbours Thatcham have made tit-for-tat bids for players from their neighbours, just two weeks before they meet in a cup tie.
Thatcham have made a formal approach for Hungerford midfielder Chris Blackford, while Hungerford have responded by slapping in a request to talk to Thatcham's top marksman Graham Lewis.
“He's the top scorer in our league,” said Hungerford manager, Bobby Wilkinson.
“He's hard working and a good finisher, so of course I'd be delighted to get him here if I can, especially because we have not been scoring goals recently.”
And Thatcham boss Gary Ackling is equally keen to get Blackford. “We are short on the left flank,” he said, “although we have other options if it doesn't work out.”
But both clubs are also reluctant to lose any of their players to their rivals. “Of course I want him to stay,” said Ackling of Hungerford's move for Lewis.
“He has told us he is going to stay, but you never know what can happen. If it comes down just to money, then he may go but we are hoping that will mot be the case.”
The rivals clash in the Berks and Bucks Senior Cup at Thatcham on Tuesday, November 9, and again three weeks later in the league at Hungerford.
Meanwhile, Thatcham fresh from winning 2-0 at Yate Town in Ackling's first game back in charge on Tuesday night, entertain Taunton on Saturday while Hungerford made the trip to Stourport Swifts by the Severn.
Newbury are in Hellenic League Cup action away to Clanfield.

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