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West Berkshire’s GCSE result are here

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AFTER last week’s A-level results, today (Thursday) the wait is over for West Berkshire pupils receiving their GCSE grades.

This morning thousands of the district’s year eleven pupils will pick up their GCSE results, which will determine whether they stay on in full-time education, take up an apprenticeship or go into work.

The newburytoday team will be out and about at West Berkshire and North Hampshire’s secondary schools, getting reactions, photos and interviews as the results come in throughout the day.

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Here is how we reported on the day with our rolling news feed.

Our first results comes from St Bartholomew’s School, Andover Road, Newbury. We will bring you them in just a moment.

Our reporter Ellis Barker is at St Bartholomew’s School this morning where 85 per cent of pupils gained five A* to C grades for the second year running.

The average points score rose above 500 points per pupil, according to the school.

Meanwhile, 99 per cent of pupils gained five or more qualifications A* to G and 97.6 per cent received at least one A* to C grade.

St Bartholomew’s pupil Georgie Williams-Moss (pictured right in the photo below) aged 15, of Greenham, said she was ‘over the moon’ with her A in maths. “My mum promised me a camera if I got an A in maths. My heart is literally going mad,” she said.

Meanwhile, 16-year-old Lizzie Dunmore (pictured left in the photo below) of Highclere, received an impressive ten A*s and two As.

Last year, the average number of West Berkshire pupils achieving the national threshold of five GCSEs with A* to C grades rose from 72.5 per cent to 76.1 per cent – the highest ever average.

Among the top performing schools in 2011 were St Bartholomew’s, Newbury, which saw 86 per cent of pupils achieve at least five A* to C grades, while Little Heath School, Tilehurst, also recorded a new high of 83 per cent.

Also in 2011, Kennet School, Thatcham, and John O’Gaunt Community Technology College, Hungerford, recorded 100 per cent pass rates (A* to G), while Park House School, Newbury, Trinity School, Shaw, and Denefield School, Tilehurst, celebrated their best ever GCSE results.

Some more top performers from St Bartholomew’s pictured above are Annie Cave, aged 16, of Donnington, who gained 11 A*s and one A* with distinction. Fellow pupil, 16-year-old Edward porter, of Newbury, achieved seven A*s.

Results from Park House School, Andover Road, Newbury, are due to be published in the next couple of minutes.

Seventy-five per cent of pupils achieved five or more passes at grade A* to C at Park House, the school has just reported.

Headteacher Derek Peaple was delighted by this year’s ‘excellent’ GCSE results. He told our reporter John Garvey: “They match the best that we have ever achieved.”

Among the top performers was a delighted Sophie Wells who is celebrating five A*s and 3.5 As together with an A grade in AS maths achieved one year early..

More results are making their way to the newburytoday newsdesk, this time they are from Pangbourne College. We’ll bring you their results in just a moment.

Staff and pupils at Pangbourne College are celebrating after its best GCSE results since 1989.

Ninety-one per cent of pupils gained five A* to C grades, while 81 per cent achieved five A* to C passes, including English and maths.

Meanwhile, 53 per cent of grades awarded were between A* to B.

Some of the standout performances came from Laura Webb, Shannon Webb, Freddie Hargreaves, Jamie Miller, Isabel Metcalfe, who all gained A* to B grades.

Headteacher at Pangbourne College, Thomas Garnier said: “The co-curricular activities in which all students engage at Pangbourne is demanding and these excellent academic results prove what can be achieved by committed young people through sheer hard work.

“I am delighted with their successes and commend their teachers for their dedication and support.”

We’re getting reports of record breaking results at John O’Gaunt Community Technology College, Hungerford. Full results will be published very soon.

Pupils at John O’Gaunt Technology College have achieved record highs with 87 per cent of year 11s achieving five or more grades between A* and C.

More than 40 per cent of the pupils achieved the tougher target of seven A*s to B, including English and maths.

‘The results are a final feather in the cap of out going headteacher Neil Spurdell’, says our reporter John Garvey

Over half of the total GCSE results at St Gabriel’s, Newtown Road, Sandleford Priory, were A* or A. Full results from the school to follow.

St Gabriel’s principal, Alun Jones said he was delighted with the girls’ GCSE results, with 81 per cent of grades at A* to B.

“With well over 50 per cent of the girls’ grades in mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics were at A* to A. I am delighted that St Gabriel’s continues to completely overturn such gender stereotypes that limit girls’ interests and performance in mathematics and science in a society with a fascination with all things shallow.”

There were some excellent results for a number of pupils, including Ellie Oretti, of Andover Road, Newbury, who achieved ten A*s and two As, Louisa Lai of Midgham, who gained nine A*s and three As, while Abigail Wooden of Woolten Hill, who achieved eight A*s and four A grades.

Our reporter Ellis Barker is now at Trinity School, Shaw, where results are now being handed out to pupils.

Charlotte Wilson

Headteacher at Trinity, Charlotte Wilson (pictured above) says the school’s A* to C pass rate has improved by 24 per cent, with 90 per cent of pupils gaining five A* to C grades.

Increases in A* to C pass rates were recorded in art, catering, English literature, German, ICT and mathematics.

There was a 100 per cent pass rates of A*to C in childcare, German, PE, and vocational science.

“These results reflect the talent and ability of our students. They also reflect the effort, hard work and commitment of students, staff and parents alike.

“Each year I lay down the challenge which the students and staff rise up to meet with enthusiasm and drive. I am so proud of them all,” said Mrs Wilson.

Our Hampshire reporter Jane Meredith is at The Hurst Community College, Baughurst, and The Clere School, Burghclere, this morning. We will bring their results as soon as we get them.

There was another record breaking year at The Hurst, where 62 per cent of pupils gaining five A* to C grades, including English and maths – an increase of ten per cent on last year.

Meanwhile, 85 per cent of pupils gained five A* to C grades, with 70 per cent of candidates obtaining a A* to C in maths, another record for the college.

Headteacher Malcolm Christian said: “I’m delighted that so many of our pupils achieved higher results than they were expecting.”

At The Willink School, Burghfield Common, 99 per cent of pupils gained five A* to G grades. More results from the school to follow.

Seventy per cent of candidates gained at least five A* to C grades, including English and maths, at The Willink, while 80 per cent achieved five A* to C grades.

The average points per pupils score at the school was 326.

Headteacher Peter Fry praised his pupils (pictured above). He said: “Overall we are really pleased with this set of grades, the result of considerable commitment by students, supported by dedicated staff.

“The proportion of students’ achieving five or more top grades including and excluding English and maths have exceeded the school’s previous best and underlines the school’s strength and continuous improvement recently reported upon by Ofsted”.

Our Thatcham reporter Tanya Haji has the results from Kennet School, Thatcham, where pupils have achieved a 100 per cent pass rate, with 75 per cent gaining five A* – C grades.

One success story was Siobhan Clack who gained eleven A* grades and one A.

She said: “I was so nervous but I’m so happy now.”

Headteacher at the Stoney Lane School, Paul Dick said: “Kennet School is absolutely delighted to receive another outstanding set of GCSE examination results.

“There have been many superb individual performances, underlying the importance of giving support and challenge to all pupils.”

Results are in from Padworth College and Little Heath School, Tilehurst. We will publish them shortly.

Sixty-nine per cent of year eleven pupils at Padworth College achieved at least five A* to C grades, while 49 per cent obtained A* to B grades, while the overall pass rate was at 97 per cent.

Principal Linde Melhuish said, “We are proud of what our students have achieved – as a non-selective school, we are committed to enabling each individual student to fulfil their academic goals and we are delighted with the increase in the number of A*-B grades this year.”

At Little Heath School 78 per cent of pupils gained five or more A*to C results, while 51 per cent achieved five or more A* to C passes with English and maths.

Half of year eleven pupils gained ten or more higher grades (A* to C) and 22 per cent of candidates achieved five or more A* to As.

However, the school says it is disappointed with the GCSE English results this summer.

Our reporter Mark Taylor has been at The Downs School, Compton, this morning where pupil Harriet Ffrench (pictured below) called her mother to tell her about the 10A* and A grade she was awarded.

“I was nervous, I can’t believe it, it’s such a relief. My sister got her A levels last week and did really well so I was hoping that I would get good grades,” she said.

What you can’t see in the picture is Harriet’s mud-splashed wellies because she is off to Reading Festival, which starts tomorrow.

A nationwide drop in English GCSEs has caused concern in schools right across the district, according to the Compton school’s headteacher Valerie Val Houldey.

Mrs Houldey sits as acting chairwoman of the Secondary Heads Forum in West Berkshire and she said changes to grade bands meant markers were ‘blind’ when scoring papers.

“Putting coursework in without knowing grades does cause concern, and it is something that is being felt not just here but all over the country.”

Nationwide issues aside, Mrs Houldey said the results were “absolutely stunning”.

Forty eight per cent of pupils scored seven A* to B including English and mathematics, 71 per cent scored A to C including English and mathematics, and 75 per cent scored Five A* to C grades

“It’s been an absolutely stunning set of results today. We are all really pleased, we get a lot of support from the parents so it is great to see them all. And the staff work really hard too. We just want to make sure as many pupils as possible get to the next step on their way.”

Boyfriend and girlfriend and Trinity School pupils, Niall Snowdon and Loren Bartholomew pictured above. Niall got the best results in the school, with A*s in every subject.

Results are in from The Clere School, where our reporter Jane Meredith has been speaking to headteacher Felicity Martin.

Eighty per cent of pupils at The Clere gained five A* to C grades, 14 per cent higher than in 2011.

Meanwhile, 62 per cent of pupils achieved five GCSEs at A* to C, including English and maths.

Headteacher Mrs Martin said: “The first thing I wish to do is congratulate every year eleven student. They have all worked so hard to achieve success this year.”

At Bradfield College nearly half of all entries achieved either A or A*.

There were many impressive individual performances amongst the College’s large cohort of local pupils. Lucy Baker-Smith, Sam Courtier-Dutton, Jamie Dryden, Michael Fane, Klara Fine and James Kelly, Georgia Minter-Kemp, Emma Noakes and Joe Tyler all scored at least eight top grades.

Meanwhile Edie Walker from Pangbourne was especially pleased to pass all her GCSEs at A* level.

Pictured above is Trinity pupil Katie Smith, aged 16, of Newbury, who gained eight GCSEs, including seven at A* or A.

We have received results from most of our region’s schools, but one or two are still coming in. We will bring you results from Mary Hare School, Snelsmore Common, in a few minutes.

Mary Hare School for deaf children are celebrating another year of good GCSE results.

The overall pass rate at Mary Hare for A* to C grades was 62 per cent, while 100 per cent of pupils gained grades between A*and E in English literature, chemistry, physics, textiles, ICT, drama, media, music and in the BTEC subjects of music technology and business studies.

The Principal of the school, Tony Shaw was full of praise for the pupils and staff who worked so hard to achieve these grades.

‘Our staff and pupils work as a team to enable the profoundly and severely deaf pupils reach their full potential,” he said. “Every year our pupils make outstanding progress from their starting point, which means that in many subjects the pupils obtain higher than expected grades’.

Along with many schools around the district and the country, Theale Green Community School has said its GCSE results this year were mixed.

The percentage of pupils achieving five A* to C increased to 68 per cent, and maths results improved to above the national average at 59 per cent A* to C.

BTEC science, health and social care, textiles, and religious studies were other areas where pupils scored highly.

However, despite significant improvements in science this year there was a drop in the percentage achieving five A* to C, including English and maths.

A spokeswoman for the school, Kirtsin Robb, said: “At 48 per cent we know that this is not as good as it should be and we are working hard to ensure that the improvements lower down the school translate into examination results next year.”

Some of the school’s outstanding results came from Angharad Magowan, Lara Dolomore, Scott Gibson, Annabel Borthwick, Charlotte Scott and Moyosore Kolawole.

Results just in from Denefield School, Tilehurst, show that 74 per cent of pupils gained at least five A* to C results.

Those achieving five GCSE grades A* to C with English and maths totalled 44 per cent.

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