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Christmas tree keeps its Market Place location

Reporter: John Herring Reporter

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Market PlaceTHERE was goodwill and peace between political parties as Newbury town councillors unanimously rejected a suggestion to move the town’s Christmas tree from Market Place to Victoria Park.

The suggestion from the Newbury BID to install and maintain a Christmas tree in Victoria Park sparked a spirited response from Newbury Labour spokesman, Richard Garvie, on Twitter.

Mr Garvie tweeted: “After removing the tree from Market Place do they really expect the public to go to Victoria Park on a wet December evening to celebrate Christmas? Keep it where it is.”

Speaking at a community services meeting on Monday, Julian Swift-Hook (Lib Dem, Greenham) said that the idea to move the tree was “completely mad”.

Mr Swift-Hook said: “Victoria Park does not seem the right place for the focus of the town’s Christmas celebrations.

The main celebration is in the heart of the town.”

The sentiment was echoed by Tony Stretton (Cons, Clay Hill) who said he could not agree more.

“Let me state now that the tree must always be in Market Place and not in Victoria Park,” he said.

Phil Barnett (Lib Dem, Clay Hill) said that Newbury residents were alarmed by the proposal when he had spoken to them and mentioned that having a tree lit up in Victoria Park could cause issues with a risk assessment.

BID manager, Russell Downing, said after the meeting that there was only an idea to potentially plant a Christmas tree in Victoria Park as it seemed to some people pointless to have a tree, which costs £1,500, pulled down every year.

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