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Memory Christmas tree to be planted at Thatcham cemetery

Reporter: Tanya Haji Thatcham Reporter

Contact: 01635 886641

A CHRISTMAS tree is to be planted at Thatcham Cemetery for families who have lost a loved one.

The idea was put forward by Thatcham town mayor, John Boyd, who said: “Having a grandson who passed away myself, I know how emotive that sort of thing can be, and every year there is a concern about having Christmas decorations up.”

He added that the tree would provide a place for families to hang decorations in memory of their loved one.

“We could have them contained in one area and make it a nice spectacle. It will be something for everyone who wants to go along to.

“We could also have tags for personal messages, like Christmas wishes.”

The idea was given the thumbs up by members of Thatcham Town Council’s recreation and amenities committee on Monday evening, subject to costings being approved for the installation.

Mr Boyd also suggested that a Christmas tree could be located in the Broadway permanently to make Christmas time more eco-friendly.

He said: “We are trying to have a greener Christmas, so I think it would make sense to have a tree planted. It would mean that we don’t have to cut a tree down every year and replant it.”

However, the committee rejected this idea, as it was felt people enjoyed the spectacle of the tree going up, the town council does not pay for it, and that it could get in the way at events such as the annual Festival of Arts and Leisure.

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