Latest life-saving device installed in Thatcham

Heartstart Thatcham plans to roll out more devices across the district

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Latest life-saving device installed in Thatcham

HEARTSTART Thatcham has installed yet another defibrillator in the town to help save people’s lives.

The team installed the public access defibrillator at Moorside Community Centre at the end of July.

A defibrillator is a device used on a person who is in cardiac arrest, which is different to a heart attack because the heart is no longer pumping blood around the body.

There is an increased chance of survival if CPR and a defibrillator are used on the patient.

The defibrillators do not require any training and will shock the casualty only if required.

The device has been installed as a result of a partnership between Heartstart Thatcham, West Berkshire Council, Thatcham Town Council, Greenham Common Trust and a few private individuals.

Heartstart Thatcham had initially planned to install four defibrillators in Thatcham before Christmas 2015.

However, it has managed to place 13 devices which cover Thatcham, Cold Ash, Newbury and Calcot.

Nine of the devices are owned by Heartstart Thatcham.

A defibrillator for the Nature Discovery Centre has been ordered and more are planned for Newbury, Bucklebury, Bradfield and other villages.

Scheme co-ordinator for Heartstart Thatcham, Dr Nick Young, said: “We initially planned four thinking it would be difficult not only to obtain funds but also obtain permission to install the devices.

“We have been lucky that so many organisations have wanted to get involved, initially this involved us approaching them but recently we have organisations coming to us to ask if they can help.

“It does go to show we indeed live in a caring community.

“But behind this is the fantastic team we have here, all of whom are volunteers and go above and beyond to make Heartstart Thatcham a success.”

Heartstart Thatcham, which is volunteer run, delivers free emergency life support training which includes CPR and use of a defibrillator.

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