Life managing a food business

by Honesty Group general manager Tiago Figueiredo

Honesty Group general manager Tiago Figueiredo

Honesty Group general manager Tiago Figueiredo

WHEN first meeting someone at a dinner party, having told them what I do, I most often get this response: “Wow I’d love to run a food business. You must have great stories to tell.”

Quick decision between two possible answers.

Am I going to start telling stories and getting in the spotlight for a few hours, getting everyone to listen to the great stories or shall I just agree that it is a challenging career offering great fulfilment and no monotony or dullness?

I usually choose the latter.

Essentially, if you like eating and if you have any interest in what goes into food, it is rewarding and motivating.

You need to be on the top of the food trends and know what the market wants.

You need to deal with suppliers, negotiate prices, analyse recipes and, yes, taste a lot of food.

You meet customers and listen to them. You receive great feedback and feel rewarded and you receive criticism and feel the incentive to improve.

You work with the unsung heroes (chefs, kitchen porters, waiters) and think of them as family, sharing their exasperations and their masteries.

Food has been part of our life forever.

Our bodies have developed the way they did because of the need to obtain the best nutrients, the calories, the energy to hunt, to fish, to harvest and to reproduce.

The greatest inventions were always food related.

The pot, the fire, the bag to carry more food, the knife.

Working with all things food is a way to honour our ancestors that fought so hard to survive.

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