What is your favourite building in Newbury?

Tell us which of these buildings you like best

Andy Murrill


Andy Murrill



What is your favourite building in Newbury?

BT Building

Clock House

Corn Exchange

Donnington Castle

Jack of Newbury's House


Shaw House

St Nicolas Church

Sterling Cables building

The Town Hall

West Berkshire Museum

Other (please specify using the comment facility)

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  • IanFantom

    26/04/2015 - 15:03

    The Stirling Cable Building is a magnificent monument to mankind's folly. It is a steel-framed tower full of asbestos, just like the towers of the World Trade Center, which collapsed on 11 September 2001. If we scale down the Twin Towers, we can see that if a terrorist were to slam a drone into the side of the Stirling Cable Building it could suddenly collapse onto its own footprint, with the top part exploding and the whole lot turning into dust. The collapse of Building 7 shows that if office furniture were to be set alight in the Stirling Cable Tower, then it could just collapse, exactly as in controlled demolition, as Building 7 did. That is, if you believe the politicians' account, rather that of architect Richard Gage, who talked about 9/11 in Newbury Council Chamber in the Town Hall on Saturday 25 April. Either we should rethink 9/11, or we should rethink the Stirling Cable Building in Newbury.



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