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Newbury energy experts Fidelity Energy leading the way for a Renewable Future

Newbury energy broker Fidelity Energy has been providing support and assistance to thousands of businesses all over the UK since it was founded in 2014 and following the pandemic has been supporting local firms with their energy procurement and management, alongside sourcing various renewable options.

The Park Street-based company is championing a more sustainable future through its green business energy tariffs, renewable solutions and carbon management tools.

Many businesses know about 'green' energy, but not all are aware of how simple it can be to become more environmentally sustainable, as well as monitor carbon outputs and take positive steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

Fidelity Energy
Fidelity Energy

The team of energy experts at Fidelity Energy work closely with businesses to help them get a better understanding of how they can make a big difference by adopting small changes and become part of the solution and not the problem.

Managing Director John Haw is also in the process of making the company fleet green.

He said: “With the ban on new petrol and diesel cars or vans from 2030, we decided to adopt the change earlier and the company now has four EVs to our name, helping make the members of staff who are field-based more environmentally sustainable.

Fidelity Energy
Fidelity Energy

"Currently, the charging infrastructure for EVs does not meet the demand as the EV uptake has increased rapidly.

"We saw this as a new opportunity in the market and Fidelity Energy now can provide and install bespoke electric vehicle (EV) charging points for businesses, helping them to support the EV rollout as well as entice new customers and employees.

"At our Newbury office we have installed our own branded charging points to support our growing EV fleet and currently have the capability to charge six EVs at no extra cost to our employees.”

Fidelity Energy has a range of green solutions for businesses, including EV charging and 100 per cent renewable business energy rates.

One of its newest products in the bid to help reach the UK’s net-zero carbon by 2050 goal is its new carbon management tool, IPSUM.

It is a unique, automated carbon footprint reporting solution that can provide detailed insight into a business' emissions output across its entire organisation, with departmental, office, room and device level tracking.

Soon all UK organisations will be legislated to report their emissions, commit to and evidence a reduction of their carbon each year and IPSUM enables businesses to comply with regulations and produce mandatory carbon reports efficiently.

Mr Haw said: “We have seen more businesses coming to us asking how they can play their part to help tackle global warming.

"The green option is always something we always aim to champion first when quoting our customers and we are keen to assist businesses to take the next step in enhancing their corporate image and reputation on environmental and sustainability issues.

"As more businesses demonstrate they are open to change, more will follow suit and green really is the future.

"Despite the pandemic, our team at Fidelity Energy has continued to grow and we have employed several new members over the past year.

"This was partly due to businesses having more time to assess their budgets and realising one of their main outgoings was powering their businesses.

"Even though we have had a challenging year, as have almost all businesses around the world, we made the annual Thames Valley SME 100 Growth index, for the second consecutive year.

"Credit goes out to all our team members, who have worked incredibly hard throughout the pandemic, adapting to changes and still ensuring our customers received the best service and advice possible.”

Part of that advice is their free bill validation or renewals check services.

With all the other components the pandemic brought, Fidelity Energy knew that at the top of many businesses' to-do lists would not be to check if their energy rates were correct.

Wholesale energy prices have reached unprecedented highs this year, with wholesale gas prices being over 157 per cent more expensive than this time last year alone.

By running free bill validations for new customers, the energy expert noticed that many customers were not on the most competitive rate after renewing their energy contract.

Due to Fidelity Energy’s large buying power and relationships with suppliers, it says nine times out of 10 it can beat these initial quotes and guarantee its customer is on the best available rates.

To find out more about any of the products, services or for a free energy review, call Fidelity Energy on 08000 484800 or email info@fidelity-energy.co.uk

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