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Abacus Day Nursery and Pre-School

ABACUS is a childcare gem in Newbury and has been the first choice for hundreds of families since opening in 1992.

Parents love it for its home from home feel and great location close to the centre of Newbury; with plenty of parking in its own private car park there’s no need to rush and no busy road to cross outside.

Babies and children under two enjoy exclusive use of The Nest. A suite of rooms with high-quality furnishings, natural wooden toys and games, and cosy areas provide our youngest children a safe space in which they can settle quickly, grow and develop in safety.

The Nest enjoys its own dedicated outdoor space so even the youngest children get time outdoors every day.

At the age of two children progress to rooms on the ground floor where they have a wide choice of carefully selected toys and games. As their interests grow, the team regularly refreshes the rooms to suit their changing interests.

The Pre-School rooms are vibrant and educational, where children are introduced to numeracy and phonics activities while continuing to learn through play and discovery. There is a free-flow access to a covered outdoor learning area where children enjoy all the traditional outdoor activities in a safe and sheltered space.

Children can climb, dig, pedal and play safely in our large garden, with small buildings and features that give them the opportunity to explore their imagination. Many parents love that we have pet rabbits and guinea pigs that help that children to understand animals and how to care for them.

All parents are kept up to date through the ParentZone secure app where you can share in your child’s day, finding details of how well your child slept, ate, and played. Staff regularly share your child’s developmental progress with easy to understand developmental observations and progress tracking. Parents love this service!

The team at Abacus do everything they can to make the lives of families as simple as possible. Fee payment is easy using Direct Debit for hassle-free payment. Abacus also accepts childcare vouchers, are members of the tax-free childcare scheme and provide free childcare entitlement for qualifying children too. They do not take a deposit, nor do they charge administration or joining fees.

Abacus is launching its School Ready programme this month, which prepares children for starting in the big wide world of primary school. The programme is based on collaborative work with teachers from schools and discussion about what they want to see in children moving from pre-school to school. Children need to be able to recognise their name – not just in beautiful typeface, but also as mummy writes it on the label on their coat.

They need to know that when teacher is busy with the other children, that their friends may be a source of help.

The experienced staff at Abacus plan activities to develop children’s knowledge about ‘big school’ covering a range of activities and topics giving them the emotional and practical skills they need to make a smooth transition to school.

Topics include phonics, literacy, hygiene, talking about themselves and their family, learning about the great outdoors, taking part in group activities, singing nursery rhymes and making healthy snacks.

The lead-up to starting primary school can be an anxious time for both children and parents. Abacus staff help to build children’s self- confidence so they can face new challenges knowing that they will be fine.

Choosing the right nursery is no easy task and can be a hard decision to make. The exceptional team at Abacus is really passionate about supporting children and their families; their reputation is built on parents’ opinion and online reviews.

Get in touch today and discover what Abacus can do for your child.

Abacus Day Nursery and Pre- School, Oxford Road, Newbury RG14 1XB

Telephone: (01635) 550134 Facebook: @AbacusNursery abacus@completechildcare.co.uk

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