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Early Learning Feature

Chieveley Pre-School

Open 5 days a week term time from Sept 22

Chieveley Pre-School is a friendly village Pre-School, placed in the grounds of Chieveley Primary School. We welcome children between the ages of 2 to 5 years old.

Our ethos is ‘Learning through play’ and we offer our children every opportunity to grow and develop in a safe and secure environment. Along side preparing our children for the transition to Primary School.

Surrounded by fields and woodlands we like to get out and see our surroundings and enjoy learning about the world we live in. We offer Forest School sessions to really make the most of children’s natural desire to explore and investigate.

We have a team of talented staff members who run the Pre-School, ensuring that every child within our care enjoys the best possible start in their educational life.

We are currently filling spaces for September 2022, and would love to show you and your child what Chieveley Pre-School can offer you.

If you would like to book a visit please contact info@chieveleypreschool.co.uk or call 07511 098 720

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