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Horris Hill School

‘It is our responsibility to prepare our young people for the future, whatever that may hold’

HORRIS Hill, one of the UK’s most well- known and highly respected preparatory schools, has opened its doors to girls from this September, as a new chapter for the school begins.

Located near Newbury, the school is one of the world’s leading preparatory schools for children aged two to 13.

Set in 65 acres of rolling countryside on the Hampshire/Berkshire border, it boasts impressive facilities, including a new £3m theatre, new science labs and a refurbished sports hall.

From September 2022, for the first time girls as well as boys aged two upwards were welcomed into the state-of-the-art and custom-built new 50 week nursery and forest school, as well as into reception and lower school classes.

Girls will be able to progress all the way through the school until the age of 13.

Established in 1888 with a focus on academic achievement, Horris Hill has become known as one of the top preparatory schools in the world.

For more than 130 years, over 60 per cent of all pupils have progressed through the school to secure coveted places at Winchester, Harrow, Eton and Radley.

In addition, for those whose strengths are more creative or sporting, Horris Hill continues to get children scholarships into the right schools for them across the UK and globally.

Headmaster of Horris Hill Rob Stewart said now was the perfect time to welcome girls to Horris Hill as the school recalibrates to align with the realities of the modern world.

Mr Stewart said: “Our aim is to continue to be one of the world’s leading preparatory schools and in doing so, to create an inspiring co-educational environment which teaches self-belief, confidence and especially resilience for boys and girls, at the same time as continuing to deliver academic excellence across the board.

“It is our responsibility to prepare our young people for the future, whatever that may hold.

“Boys and girls sharing a learning space also opens opportunities for parents with existing children at the school who have other siblings, as well as providing potential for expectant or new parents exploring for future educational options.

“At Horris Hill, we nurture a curiosity of spirit, a sense of competition that fosters resilience and an enduring love of learning that will equip children for whatever challenges they may face in the future.

“We are pleased to now be able to offer our outstanding early years and primary-aged setting and all of the excellent opportunities we create academically, socially, as well as extra-curricular and sporting, to both girls and boys.”

Parents are encouraged to get in touch to find out about opportunities for their child.

Registrations are now open for September 2023, and beyond, for all children aged two and above.

For more information, a prospectus or to arrange a personal tour of the school, please contact Mia Suggitt on admissions@horrishill. com, call (01635) 40594 or visit the website www.horrishill.com

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