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Early Learning Feature

Winchcombe School

THE Winchcombe School, in Newbury, is a thriving primary, with pupils aged three to 11.

The school is passionate about helping pupils develop the knowledge, beliefs and attitudes that will ensure they make a positive contribution to society.

The team’s ambition is to further improve every aspect of their provision so that each child gets every opportunity possible to improve, and develop a love of learning.

The Foundation 1 class, Acorns, provides places for three-year-olds beginning their journey of learning.

It offers morning, afternoon and all-day sessions, with the opportunity to pay for extra sessions in addition to universal 15 hours entitlement.

It also caters for those working parents who qualify for 30 hours government funding.

Learning takes place in a well-resourced, inspiring unit, with experienced teachers and learning support assistants.

Children are able to explore both inside and outside environments, interacting with all the children, including those from the two Foundation 2 classes.

A whole range of fun, play- based experiences builds the children’s confidence and helps them to develop social, emotional and physical skills.

Parents are seen as vital partners in the growth of their children. Home and school successes are shared and celebrated. Staff are available to talk to parents and feedback is welcomed.

During their time in Acorns, the children become fully prepared for their transition to full-time education, whether that is at The Winchcombe or other local schools.

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