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Early Learning Feature

Woolton Hill

The Schools of Woolton Hall offer a dedicated infant and junior focused education

St Thomas’ Infant School and Woolton Hill Junior School have long worked closely together, and by federating we have created the best of both.

The best that comes with dedicated infant and junior focused education, allowing both schools to specialise in the specific needs of that age group.

And the best that comes from offering a full primary education and a continuous curriculum with consistent vision and values.

At the Schools of Woolton Hill we equip children with the skills they need to progress well in life.

Through the excellent learning opportunities provided, our skilled staff work hard to ensure all pupils gain the knowledge and experience required to succeed in their education and become responsible citizens and life-long learners.

Our curriculum is irresistible, promoting a love of learning through exciting, engaging topics and carefully planned tasks which inspire children to want to learn more.

Learning opportunities are developed beyond the classroom so that children can demonstrate their abilities in sports, art and music.

We create opportunities to learn in an environment of high challenge, but low risk, enabling all children to feel included and given access to learning which will make them think.

Our enquiry-led approach encourages children to ask and seek answers to questions, developing inquisitive minds and a spirit of curiosity.

If you haven’t visited us already, please come and see us in action.

We are extremely proud of our Federation and would be delighted to welcome you as part of our extended family.

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