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10th book in 10 years for bestselling Newbury novelist

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Letting in the Light is Newbury historical novelist Charlotte Betts' 10th published book in 10 years and the third book in the Spindrift trilogy.

Each story is a standalone, although they are written chronologically.

The trilogy is about a group of artists at the turn of the 20th century who form a community in Cornwall to support and inspire each other.

Charlotte Betts
Charlotte Betts
Charlotte Betts
Charlotte Betts

Charlotte explains: "I wondered what would happen if relationships broke down and how that might affect the group.

"I love the rugged North Cornwall coast and the wonderful luminosity of the light has drawn artists to the area for many years, most notably at St Ives and Newlyn."

The Spindrift community of artists settle in Port Isaac. Edith, the main female character, discovers on her honeymoon that her husband Benedict is unfaithful. Later, he abandons her and their children and Edith falls in love with French artist, Pascal. Unable to divorce Benedict, Edith and Pascal’s love remains steadfast throughout the trilogy, even though they cannot marry.

"The theme of female friendship and of women discovering their strengths runs through all the books," says Charlotte.

"This is demonstrated in Letting in the Light when the women step up to make their valuable contribution to the war effort and to fill the vacancies when their menfolk enlist.

"The characters of the children born into the community in the first story are developed in the second and they become young adults in the third as the First World War begins. This gave me the opportunity to write about other locations through their eyes, while the original members

of the community remained in Cornwall and find additional ways to support themselves and the war effort."

Then an explosive encounter forces a long-hidden secret into the light, causing rifts in the happiness and security of the community. Under the shadow of war, the community struggles to survive, while the younger generation face dangers that seemed unimaginable in the golden summer of 1914.

And, when it’s all over, can the community survive an unexpected threat? And will Edith and Pascal ever have the chance of happiness together?

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