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Friday 13th - how superstitious are you?

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Saluting magpies, staring at full moons and walking around ladders

PARASKEVIDEKATRIAPHOBIA is an irrational fear of Friday the 13th.

The superstition surrounding the date is thought to go back to the Last Supper, where 13 sat at the table – Jesus Christ and his 12 disciples.

But superstitions and old wives tales live on in many aspects of everyday life.

For instance, what is it about seeing a single magpie that means you have to do a weird kind of salute and mutter a rather embarrassed ‘good morning Mr Magpie’ in order to banish any bad luck?

Do you walk around a ladder rather than under it and if a black cat crosses your path do you panic? Do you say 'white rabbit' first thing on the first of the month?

We all like to gaze at the Moon, but did you know it is bad luck to look at the full Moon through glass?

And what about breaking a mirror, which is supposed to bring you bad luck for seven years? Well, the good news is, according to Google, if you accidentally break a glass you get seven years good luck. So smash a mirror then innocently knock a glass over and you’re in the clear.

None of it makes sense and yet such superstitions have been handed down over the centuries and will no doubt continue for years to come, so next time you spill some salt don't forget to throw a bit over your left shoulder.

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