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Vintage vibes for yoga and meditation

NEWBURY musician Nasser Bouzida - aka The Bongolian/Big Boss Man - has released a new album Vintage Vibes for Yoga and Meditation.

"I've been practising yoga for years and some teachers play music," Nasser told @newburytoday.

"So I wondered could I make an album using all the vintage instruments I use on my other stuff – Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes electric piano and Moog synthesizer - and this was born."

Nasser Bouzida
Nasser Bouzida

The album is available to stream at


Or you can go to https://youtu.be/gxJxJVZnpQs for a video for one of the tracks.

Review by Brian Harrington

Vintage Vibes for Yoga and Meditation.

A new project from Nasser Bouzida, aka The Bongolian, aka Big Boss Sound, on this occasion identifying as Yoga Bear. This album features 13 tracks with titles such as The Love Within, Universal Chakras and Sitar Shiva and runs at just over an hour.

I'm not a yoga practitioner, but I discovered that by simply allowing the music to run, as opposed to attempting to take each track separately, it worked brilliantly as relaxation music.

Utilising a wide variety of vintage instruments this album creates a soundscape which ebbs and flows beautifully. Perhaps not surprisingly many tracks lean toward Indian sounds and time signatures, with sounds of nature such as gentle wind. The level of the musicianship is superb and it showcases Nasser's excellence as a composer across a range of genres as well as his virtuosity as a performer.

It is available to download from Amazon as well as to stream from Spotify.

It definitely creates an atmosphere of calm, within which meditation would naturally flow.

It absolutely lives up to it's title.

Try streaming it and just relax in to it.

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