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National Scrabble Day: most common misspelled words

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Today, Tuesday, April 13, is National Scrabble Day.

The day commemorates the birth of the word game's creator, Alfred Mosher Butts, born on April 13, 1899.

Scrabble set Picture: rosinka79 - stock.adobe.com
Scrabble set Picture: rosinka79 - stock.adobe.com

Interested in discovering which words people struggle with the most, The Knowledge Academy looked at which words had been spelt wrong most frequently on Google.

At the top of the list of most commonly misspelt word is diarrhoea, according to the whopping 189,000 failed searches. The most popular wrong spelling is “diarrea” with 171,000 searches in the last month.

Second on the list was 'separate', with 91,000 searches for “seperate” in the last month.

It appears that people have more trouble spelling zucchini than they do cooking it. There were a whopping 58,600 searches with incorrect spelling last month alone. The three most popular spellings were zuchini (36,000 searches), zuccini (21,000) and zucini (1,600).

The only other food word on the list that people can’t seem to get right is potato, in fact, The Knowledge Academy found that 48,000 people in the last month searched for “potatoe”.

'Definitely' placed sixth on the list of words people have misspelt with more than 22,800 failed attempts to spell the word correctly and “definatly” trumping the list of incorrect spellings (17,000) followed by “definitley” (5,800).

How about 'embarrass'? More than 15,300 have attempted to spell the word as “embarass”, so it clearly takes a few attempts to get right.

'Conscience’ clocked up 12,500 wrong attempts at spelling with three popular variations: “concience” (7,400 searches), followed by “consience” (4,500) and “consciense” (600).

With more than 24,000 searches on average every month for “how to spell” it’s clear to see that it’s not a strong point for everyone.

The Knowledge Academy gathered a list of words commonly misspelt using multiple articles online. They looked at all spelling variations of each word and their monthly search volumes were searched to see which words were most commonly misspelt. The top words were taken and ranked by combining the number search volumes for each incorrect spelling of each word looked at.

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