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The truth is out there: Top alien sightings in Europe revealed on World UFO Day

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Ireland tops the list in Europe for most alien visits, while the rest of Brits aren’t big on UFOs, according to a survey carried out by PsychicWorld for World UFO Day, Friday, July 2.

The Pentagon reported last Friday that there have been 144 ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’ (UAP) in America, so PsychicWorld decided to find out which European countries have the most alien visits.

They analysed official sightings from across Europe, documenting the frequency of the sightings, the duration and the type of UFOs that were seen. The data was taken from the National UFO Reported Centre State Report Index.

Unidentified flying object - UFO
Unidentified flying object - UFO

As a result of its research, PsychicWorld found that there had been 994 confirmed UFO sightings across Europe, all lasting an average of 12 minutes – the most common being unidentified flying discs.

If you are an UFO enthusiast, Ireland is likely to be your best chance of a sighting, with 105 confirmed sightings, lasting an average of 13 minutes. The most prevalent type of UFO in Ireland is a light formation.

Spain ranks second among Europe’s UFO hotspots where the 71 recorded UFO sightings lasted an average of 12 minutes, with the majority describing a diamond-shaped flying object. France came in third with 70 recorded sightings, lasting an average of six minutes, followed by Germany (54 sightings), the Netherlands (51 sightings) and Greece (50 sightings), respectively ranking fourth, fifth and sixth.

Not many close encounters recorded in England
Not many close encounters recorded in England

If you've spotted any unidentified flying objects across West Berkshire, let us know.

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