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Second-hand buyers turning eco

ALMOST half of Britain’s used car buyers would go green and choose an electric or hybrid model if they had the option, a study shows.

The choice of used eco-friendly motors is still relatively limited and they make up a tiny proportion of the country’s 8,000,000 used car sales every year.

But 49 per cent of buyers would get an electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrid if they could, compared to 32 per cent wanting petrol models.

However, price is still the main consideration for customers, followed by running costs and style, says a study of 2,000 used car buyers.

The most common second-hand car bought in Britain today is a metallic black petrol Ford, whereas the car most customers say they want is a metallic black hybrid Audi.

Car Finance 247 chief executive Louis Rix said: “Drivers definitely want to be more green because they care about the planet.

“Electric and hybrid cars will undoubtedly be a huge area of growth in future.

“But price is still the main consideration for most customers – so eco-friendly cars need to become cheaper and more plentiful before they really take off in the second-hand market.”

The survey showed that two thirds of people get their used car from a dealer, with more than half of buyers paying for it in cash, 28 per cent taking out a loan or hire purchase and 10 per cent using a credit card.

When it comes to choosing a used car, the most desired feature is a built-in satnav, followed by self-parking, rear-view camera, built-in Wi-Fi and heated seats.

Top 10 most desired colours:

1 Black
2 Silver
3 Blue
4 Red
5 White
6 Dark blue
7 Gold,
8 Green
9 Yellow
10 Brown

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