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10 facts about Barmy Britain ahead of Newbury Racecourse Horrible Histories

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The drive-in theatre tour of Horrible Histories Barmy Britain comes to Newbury Racecourse on Tuesday, April 13.

Car Park Party will entertain all ages with its hysterical historical journey through the barmiest and horrid bits of British history.

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Horrible Historical Facts

1. The Georgian era was when toilets first started to come indoors. They were usually put into cupboards though some were placed into dining rooms!

2. Georgian women favoured the very pale face look and would achieve this with a concoction that included vinegar and horse manure!

3. The wealthy Georgians loved sweet foods, so it’s no surprise their teeth often fell out. However they were able to replace them with real teeth purchased from a donor – sometimes one that was not even still alive!

4. The Georgians considered crime scenes as entertainment and would enjoy visiting to gawp at a dead body in the room where it was discovered.

5. George III was thought to be mad though he actually suffered from a condition called porphyria. One of the symptoms of this is doing a blue wee!

6. The Victorians thought that arsenic would make their skin look younger and be a tonic for good health. It’s actually a deadly poison!

7. Victorian women had a reputation for fainting. It wasn’t because they were sensitive souls, it was because their corsets were tied so tightly they couldn’t breathe properly. If it was extra tight, it also could displace their organs!

8. Charles Darwin was a famous Victorian who travelled the world to study exotic animals. He also liked to eat them and was known to have consumed iguanas, armadillos, giant tortoises and a puma.

9. Victorians wore black clothes a lot of time. This was not because it made them look slim but rather because the air was so dirty it would not show!

10. It was not uncommon in Victorian times for photos to be taken of relatives after they had died. Sometimes other family members would pose with the corpse to make it look alive!

Car Park Party know these fantastic shows will entertain all ages with its hysterical historical journey through the barmiest and horrid bits of British history!

Perfect entertainment for those aged from 5 to 105.

Tuesday 13th April Newbury Racecourse (2pm & 5pm)

Car Park Party is brought to you by Birmingham Stage Company and concept creators, Coalition Agency. Neal Foster is the Actor/Manager of The Birmingham Stage Company which since its foundation in 1992 has become one of the world’s leading producers of theatre for children and their families, including Horrible Histories Live on Stage for 16 years in the UK, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. They are currently preparing for a Car Park Party production of Billionaire Boy, their third David Walliams stage show after Gangsta Granny and Awful Auntie.

All the current Covid-19 social distancing guidelines will be adhered to ensure everybody has an enjoyable and very safe experience: Car Park Party is an organised gathering whereby it will be known in advance those who is attending, enabling contact with attendees before, during and after the event. A traffic management team will be on site and all vehicles will be parked two metres apart.

Tickets will be scanned through the windows, so no human contact necessary.

There will be a range of food and beverage offering available at the event and all the COVID-19 government guidelines will be followed. Toilet facilities will be provided with social distancing health and safety management and sanitisation measures in place.

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