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General Election: Former Lib Dem announces plans to be Independent MP in Mid Berks

An independent councillor on West Berkshire Council has thrown his hat in the ring to be the next MP in the new seat of Reading West and Mid Berkshire.

Adrian Abbs left the Liberal Democrats last year, and now sits as an independent in Wash Common.

Adrian Abbs will stand as an independent candidate in the next general election
Adrian Abbs will stand as an independent candidate in the next general election

He said he had discussed and reviewed the move with family, friends and people in the constituency.

"My candidacy will be as an Independent, rather than aligned to a party,” he added. “My own experience has shown that party politics serves parties not the public.

"Voters are disillusioned. What I hear most is that people don’t know who to vote for and believe their vote is wasted because all politicians are the same.

"The UK faces some huge challenges during the rest of the decade. So if I’m lucky enough to become an MP then it will be about working with whoever has the best ideas to solve the myriad of issues we face."

Mr Abbs, who has spent much of his career in the tech sector, has launched a campaign website, including a video, in which he explains why he should become the area's next MP.

Some of his campaign pillars include reforming housing supply to be community-led rather than developer-led, as well as working with councils for more local authority supply.

He wants to “work with local businesses to help them succeed”, but does not explain how.

He also wants to work to address the decline in high streets, improve waterways and increase biodiversity.

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