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Police elections winner announced

Anthony Stansfeld holds on to Thames Valley PCC role

William Walker

William Walker


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Anthony Stansfeld has won the Police and Crime Commissioner election and will hold the position for another four years.

Voters across the Thames Valley had the choice of four candidates in yesterday's PCC elections, with results announced this afternoon (Friday).

Conservative candidate Anthony Stansfeld beat contenders from Labour, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP to reclaim the title he first won in 2012.

Voters were asked to list their first and second choice candidate and as Mr Stansfeld did not secure an outright majority in round one, voters' second preferences were then counted.

After second preferences had been counted, Mr Stansfeld won with 54 per cent of the final votes cast with Labour's Laetisia Carter in second place with 46 per cent.

Liberal Democrat John Howson came third place with UKIP candidate Lea Trainer in fourth with 13.02 per cent.

The turnout was 25.6 per cent, an increase on the first PCC election held in 2012, with around 430,000 votes cast.

Speaking to NewburyToday Mr Stansfeld said he was delighted with being re-elected and because of the much higher turnout.

He said there had been "a big turn out" in West Berkshire and that a huge amount of support had come from the district.

When asked about his priorities Mr Stansfeld said that the force would have to "deal with situations as they occurred" as threats were always changing.

David Buckle, Police Area Returning Officer for the Thames Valley, said: “The turnout was much higher than 2012 when we first ran these elections, where it was just over 13 per cent - so we’re grateful to those who took the time to vote.”

Fellow Tory and Newbury MP Richard Benyon took to Twitter to congratulate Mr Stansfeld and said: "Congratulations to @StansfeldPCC elected by a mile."

The Conservatives were also successful in Hampshire as their PCC candidate, Micheal Lane, was elected with 153,990 votes.

A commodore in the Royal Navy, former council officer and Gosport Borough Councillor for four years said: “I appreciate the voters trust in me and promise everyone that I will dedicate myself to the role.

"While I will take the role of scrutiny of the force seriously, I admire the Chief Constable and officers as dedicated professionals. I would also like to thank the outgoing Commissioner, Simon Hayes, for setting up the office and the great care he has shown for residents of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.”

Mr Lane received 113,717 first preference votes (29 per cent) and took a further 40,273 through second choice votes. His nearest challenger, Labour candidate Robin Price, took 87,744 total votes. 

The previous PCC for Hampshire, independent Simon Hayes, did not receive enough votes to make the second round.

The turn out was 29.14 per cent, up from 15 per cent in 2012.

For more reaction pick up a copy of next week's edition (May 12) of the Newbury Weekly News.

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Article comments

  • Mairi

    06/05/2016 - 21:09

    How can just over 25% be described as a high turnout? Personally I didn't vote because I didn't receive any information about any of the candidates! I had no idea of who the existing Police Commissioner was or who was standing this time. What does he do anyway? This seems to me to be a pointless role that just costs a lot of money!


  • Westberkswalker

    06/05/2016 - 19:07

    The actual results were even closer than you state in this article: Conservative Anthony Stansfeld 52.21%; Labour's Laetisia Carter 47.79%. That's not what I call being elected by a mile Mr Benyon!


    • Westberkswalker

      06/05/2016 - 22:10

      Sorry, I misread the results website. The result was as stated in the article. Still not what I'd call winning by a mile though...


  • Ihavenonickname

    06/05/2016 - 18:06

    Oh sh*t! 25.6% is NOT a HIGH TURNOUT! It means that 74.4% of the electorate couldn't be bothered to turn out. That in my book is NOT DEMOCRACY. So much for the griping and bellyaching about Austerity cuts to the police budget and the switching off of Newbury's CCTV. This is a DISGRACEFUL RESULT. The whole role of PCC needs to be rethought!


    • NewburyLad

      06/05/2016 - 18:06

      Tough. You don't know the circumstances of each of the voter base. I had to be somewhere else on voting day. Had there been an general election or a by-election or council seat election then I would have re-scheduled to ensure I could make it. As the ONLY vote that took place in my area yesterday was the PCC, it did not justify cancelling my meeting this time.