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VIDEO: Newbury Tattoo Convention is a roaring success

By: Hinna Aamani

Published: 14:30, 09 August 2023

Updated: 17:16, 09 August 2023

Newbury’s Tattoo convention has received high praise from artists from across the country.

More than 40 creatives poured into the Newbury Racecourse at the weekend to celebrate all things ink.

Tattoo convention -

People from all genders, ages and backgrounds came together to enjoy Newbury’s alternative scene.

This is the second event of its kind, in Newbury, following its successful debut last year at the Corn Exchange.

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Newbury resident and co-organiser, with Lee Priddy of Full Power Studios, Maria New said the event was amazing and the racecourse was the perfect venue.

Tattoo convention -

“All the artists are really really lovely and we are really happy,” she said.

“We created this event because we realised there were so many artists in Newbury and during Covid it was quite a struggle for them.

Tattoo convention - Lauren Brown

“This for the community to really just be there for one another.


“Last year was such a success and we thought we have got to do it again

“Everyone enjoyed it so much.”

Tattoo convention - Dawn Mccoramack and Leah Flack

She added: “We moved from the Corn Exchange last year to Newbury Racecourse and we thought this is perfect really.

“We are in Newbury so we can’t not go to the racecourse.”

Around 42 artists set up stalls on the ground floor of the venue each with different styles of tattoos, merchandise and art.

Tattoo convention - kelly julio

In among the stalls was tattoo artist Ollie ‘Idlehanded’ Merrin who said this was the best tattoo convention he had attended.

The artist, who works with Area 51 Basingstoke, was selling tattoos, goody bags and prints at his stall – which he called the Mojo Dojo Casa Saloon.

He told Newburytoday: “This is the nicest convention I have been to.

Tattoo convention - Tattoo artist Scott Oliver

“Everybody is so friendly, even when we were setting up everyone was chatting and it has just been really nice.


“It’s important because as an artist working in a shop, you don’t have a chance to meet the rest of the community so something like this where everyone is in the same room, you can make those connections.”

Being tattooed in Mr Merrin’s sparkly set-up was Alfie Wright, who said she was so happy with her new ink.

“It is amazing,” she said.

Tattoo convention -

“I picked out what I wanted and it looks exactly like the picture.

“I am just so happy, it is just beautiful.”

It went on to win an award on the day for the best traditional tattoo.

Tattoo convention - SARAH ABIGAIL

A number of creatives, selling art and other forms of merchandise were located on the first floor, packing out the large venue.

A number of the artists came from outside of West Berkshire, including 21-year-old Georgina Sawyer of Gizzy’s Tattoos in Oxford.

Tattoo convention -

She said: “I am having fun, it has been really good to speak to a lot of people.

“I have been tattooing for about two years now, I am quite a newbie to it.”

She added: “This has been quite good because it was so easy to get to, it is near Reading, Oxford and London.

“And it is such a nice area.”

Tattoo convention - Connor Humphreys

A number of music artists were lined up to play for the attendees including Newbury band Big Drink and London band Tova.

Other music artists included TV Yellow, Giles, 4 Fox Sake, We are Folding Stars and Leah Toklsdorf.

Edward Davis of The Tattooed Hare, who also came from Oxford, has been tattooing for two-and-a-half years.

He said: “I haven’t been doing this long.

“I was a skateboarder when I was a lot younger and it is kind of one of those cultures where the two just sort of fall into each other.”

The artist, who enjoys creating simple, traditional American designs, added: “I am having an awesome time

“I have never worked at a convention before, this is a first.

“I didn’t know what to expect but this has been brilliant, everyone has been so lovely and I have been so busy.”

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