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Cold Ash Tennis Club welcomes new Wimbledon look in £30,000 refurb

By: Hinna Aamani

Published: 04:30, 14 August 2023

Cold Ash Tennis Club has revamped its tennis courts – donning classic Wimbledon colours.

The old tennis courts had lived to see 35 years and had been re-painted twice.

Cold Ash Tennis Club chairman Paul Townsend on the new courts

The club was told the courts had another couple years of life in them but a period of rain and cold last winter saw them fall apart suddenly.

The refurbishment cost £30,000, which came from the club and its landlord in Cold Ash Parish Council – from a set-aside fund.

The project was led by committee member Derek Coulson who is also managing a separate project – with club secretary Caroline Desert – on fundraising for new basketball, table tennis and bike facilities for Cold Ash.

The new tennis courts in Cold Ash

The new tennis court seating area – which was funded by the club itself – is in memory of lifelong member Tony Peak who died in 2021.


Mr Peak, who had been playing tennis until he was 80, left the club with a generous donation in his will.

The Wimbledon colours were specifically requested by two longstanding members – who also sit on the committee – Maurine Avens and Kay Beeson.

Club chairman Paul Townsend said people have been keen to get back out and play tennis following the pandemic.

“People were desperate to get back,” he said.

“People were upset when tennis stopped for a while for Covid.

“Particularly when we were closed for about six weeks in June when worked started.


“It was meant to be done sooner but it was just too wet to get it done, we couldn’t even bring lorries across our field.”

He added: “It was postponed but we managed to get it opened a week into the public school holidays.”

Mr Townsend encouraged people to get out and try tennis in either their men’s, women’s or mixed teams.

“It is just about to get people playing and enjoying it really,” he said.

Cold Ash Tennis Club is holding an adult mixed doubles tournament for the Tony Peak Cup on October 1.

More information on sessions, league matches and events can be found on its website.

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