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Cardiac arrest sparks artist’s Heart of the Matter fundraiser for defibrillators

As Highclere artist Chris Boulton prepares for this year’s Open Studios in May, he has another project on the go.

Chris Boulton's canvas ready to begin the heart image
Chris Boulton's canvas ready to begin the heart image

“I suffered an unexpected cardiac arrest last November” said Chris.

“So this year I am also doing a very special ‘heart’ painting which I plan to sell to the highest bidder in aid of The British Heart Foundation, St John Ambulance and an organisation called BHECSS, who helped me when it happened.”

Chris, who is well-known as Greenham Trust’s CEO, has developed the image digitally and completed a test canvas. He has now finished final version The Heart of the Matter.

“The painting is of course very personal to me as it has been stimulated by what happened back in November.

“However, the image and the messages I am trying to convey are relevant to us all….

Chris Boulton
Chris Boulton

“The painting comprises a large heart – obvious, but only an ephemeral cloud in the sky - vapour that can disappear at any time due to an increase in temperature or the wind. This shows the fragility of life but is also a symbol of affection and love - for friends, family, each other and of course life itself.

“The background is a sunrise - the new dawning we all see every day - positive and full of hope like a new birth or beginning. It also evokes thoughts of joy - the ‘music’ of the dawn chorus.

“Then there are the mountains at the bottom of the picture, in silhouette, dark and forbidding, but with lighter patches of snow and ice caught by the light of the sun. These are a symbol of the challenges we all face in life’s ups and downs with dark and light depicting the bad and good things we deal with or enjoy.

“While also meaningful, I hope that it will be seen as an attractive piece of art.”

Chris Boulton The Heart of the Matter!
Chris Boulton The Heart of the Matter!

The painting is oil on canvas and is 61cms x 61cms and bids must be received by March 2.

Chris is raising money to help provide more defibrillators in the community and to raise awareness of the importance of CPR: “Without someone there who was able to do that I would not be here today.”

Direct message Chris on his social media or email chris@greenhamtrust.com to make a bid.

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