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Reading Magistrates' Court: couple were blind drunk in charge of children at Newbury pub

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A COUPLE have been convicted of child neglect and abandonment after getting blind drunk in a pub.

The pair were each also said to have assaulted children in their care.

Reading magistrates heard that the children were allowed to run around unsupervised and that, after hours of drinking, the woman fell asleep at a table.

Court (54236207)
Court (54236207)

When she was woken, she was unable even to stand, the court was told.

In the dock on Tuesday, January 4, was 32-year-old Natasha Warren, formerly Natasha Dark, and her partner Luke Ramos, aged 33.

Both admitted assault, ill-treatment, neglect and abandonment of a child, thereby causing them unnecessary suffering.

Related charges of assault and being drunk in charge of a child were withdrawn by the prosecution in light of their guilty pleas to that charge.

Charlotte Webster, prosecuting, said both defendants, who live at Curling Way, Newbury, were responsible for the care of a group of very young children when they took them to The Swan pub on London Road, Newbury, on June 11 last year.

Ms Webster added: “By 9pm the children weren’t even supposed to be in the pub any more.”

By now both Mr Ramos and Ms Warren, a beauty therapist who runs her own online business, were incapacitated and unable to supervise the children in their care, who were running around on their own, the court heard.

Ms Webster went on: “She was asleep at the table. When she was woken up she was unable to stand.”

Mr Ramos, meanwhile, was staggering drunk and unable to handle a pushchair, she said.

Witnesses said that earlier Ms Warren had struck one child on the head “quite forcefully, nearly knocking [the child] over”.

Another child told police that Mr Ramos had knocked them off their scooter, the court heard.

Ms Webster told magistrates: “In the light of all the circumstances of these proceedings, Your Worships may want pre-sentence reports.”

Mike Davis, defending both, told magistrates: “This is something that happened on one day, over six months ago.

“It’s right that you have a view of what’s been happening since.

“Clearly alcohol was a major problem at this point in time.

“These two were drunk on the evening in question and unable to care properly for the young children who were with them.”

However, added Mr Davis, “I’ve seen evidence that both of them are now abstinent from alcohol.

“They have both made significant progress in their lives.

“I have advised both of them that you will want pre-sentence reports before dealing with these offences.”

Magistrates concurred and ordered pre-sentence reports to be prepared with all options, including custody, in mind.

Ms Warren and Mr Amos were meanwhile released on unconditional bail.

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