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Most businesses aren’t happy with their marketing performance. Are you?

Expert advice and upcoming Newbury seminar from digital marketing expert Adrian Worsley

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Most businesses aren’t happy with their marketing performance. Are you?

My 14-year-old daughter Emily, chose her subject options for school earlier this year. She had chosen media studies initially, it was all very exciting and fast moving.

After meeting the teachers and discussing the subject in more detail, Emily undertook her own research. She concluded that marketing skills would be much more valuable, as the principles haven’t changed significantly, whilst in the last decade media has been ever changing. Many supposed-principles achieving barely 15 minutes of fame!

Marketing principles have been around for thousands of years. It’s the communication methods (channels) that change and develop.

How can I improve my digital marketing?

One of the best things about digital marketing is that there’s plenty of things you can do yourself to improve performance. Wide-ranging digital knowledge is extremely valuable to businesses.

Whether you do things yourself or employ a digital agency, knowing precisely what’s what is vital and invaluable. There’s several areas that impact upon digital marketing returns including: social media activity, marketing best practice, search engine optimisation, and website performance. Today we’ll look at website performance; we’ll review the others in a series of articles to be published over the next few weeks.

7 of the most important website attributes

1. Contact – It’s still surprising to see websites these days extremely well hidden or even missing contact details. Most visitors don’t have much patience and will be off elsewhere if it’s not very easy to contact you. Even in a digital world, people still want to know they can talk to you.

2. Updated content – What sort of image do you imagine it creates when customers can see that content is out of date, with promotions for events that have finished, or stock that’s unavailable? The consumer is likely feel that your service may be unreliable.

3. Ease of navigation – Visitors need to be able to find what they want easily. Content must be clear and concise. Keep the number of clicks to purchase to a minimum to avoid losing prospective customers. Re-purpose the ideas from your brochure to maintain brand continuity.

4. Engagement – Call to action. Ensure that visitors are encouraged to engage with your site: free download; specific site-only discount codes; a flash telling them there are only five left; sale finishing dates. Most of us need encouragement to fill in our details or make a purchase.

5. Multi screen compatibility (mobile/device) – The majority of web traffic is now via a tablet or mobile. How is your site set up for the majority of users? Too much pinching or squeezing sends consumers nuts and often elsewhere. Build parallel sites for mobile/device and separately for desk top /laptop.

6. Slow site – Patience is a virtue, but also a distant memory in website history! If your site or images are slow you are already losing customers.

7. Better than your competitors’ websites! – How do you define better? To compete you don't just have to have a high-performing website, you have to have a high-performing business. Make sure you tell customers about your prices, availability, support, product knowledge, advice and experience. Most of all load your site with genuine testimonials and case studies – always include full name and have authentication available upon on demand.

There’s much more information and guidance upon digital marketing available at the seminar Improving Digital Marketing Performance (October 7, Newbury Weekly News Offices, Faraday Road, Newbury RG14 2DW). 

For more information

If you are running a local business, or thinking of launching or buying a business, there’s plenty of help, guidance and ideas at this seminar.

What will you discover on the seminar?

What you can do to increase the quantity and quality of your website visitors.

Learn the secrets the advertising agencies use to improve response rates.

Maximise your returns and manage your cost of acquisition.

How to review your website's performance.

Discover how to optimise your LinkedIn profile and use LinkedIn to grow your business.

Find out how valuable competitor insight can dramatically change your business.

Find out how even simple inexpensive plans can realise fantastic rewards.

How to avoid costly mistakes developing your website and visitor experience.

Discover the winning creative formulas that improve response.

Improve your company sales success utilising social selling strategies.

The importance of customer knowledge and identifying new prospects.

Learn how digital media opportunities work even for the smallest budgets.

Digital training and consultancy expert DigitalAid Ltd is staging the event to help West Berkshire companies achieve greater online success.

The seminar will be held at the Newbury Weekly News offices in Faraday Road, Newbury, on Wednesday, October 7. It runs form 9.30am to 12.30pm.

It costs £130 plus VAT but there is a discounted price of £99 plus VAT if you quote ‘Newbury Weekly News’ when booking your place.

To book a place go to or call (0151) 558 1444


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