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So, is bigger always better?

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So, is bigger always better?

Singers Prince (5ft 2ins without his Cuban heels) and Snoop Dog (6ft 4ins) could probably have a lively debate on the subject.

Then again, so could Apple Print & Creative’s 6ft 1ins managing director Andrew Watts and the more modestly framed chief executive officer, John Hampson (5ft 9ins if you must know).

However, when it comes to getting your brand message across at exhibitions the answer to the question ‘Is bigger always better?’ is most definitely: ‘Yes’.

The Royal County of Berkshire Show is just around the corner, and if you are an exhibitor wanting to make an impact at this or any other premier exhibition, big and bold is going to get you noticed.

Let’s consider the three main aims of exhibitors at shows: brand awareness; lead generation; relationship building.

Brand awareness is about grabbing the attention of potential customers in the few seconds that it takes them to walk past your stand. After all, if you are investing time, money and energy being there, why not make your business really stand out from the crowd?

Simple solutions come in the shape of banners and posters. Apple Print’s banners and banner stands are a cost-effective and portable way to get your message across, and can can be designed to your specification.

Free-standing banner stands are available in a range of sizes and come complete with their own carry case for ease of transportation. And there’s nothing much simpler or more cost-effective than a poster for grabbing attention.

As with banners, Apple Print’s creative team is on hand to discuss your requirements and offer advice – or if you have your own design team, simply provide the press-ready artwork and let Apple Print get your posters printed in just a few days.

So you’ve grabbed the attention of a potential customer and they have paused at your stand… but for how long?

The attention span of the average person is reducing year on year – in 2000 it was 12 seconds, in 2015 it is just 8.25 seconds. (Source: National Centre for Biotechnology Information.)

The next question therefore has to be: ‘How will you engage with them?’

Clearly your stand will be manned and your staff will be conversing with as many potential clients as possible, but point-of-sale displays of brochures, flyers and leaflets are important additions.

Check now that you have enough in stock and get more ordered if necessary. And if you are ordering new supplies, remember how much quality counts: the impression you give by way of your printed material may be the one thing a potential client judges you on, so make that impression a good one.

One of the perhaps less obvious pre-printed items to have readily to hand at an exhibition is a simple form to capture the contact details of visitors.

There is little point having people come and enjoy your all-singing, all-dancing display if you just let them disappear back into the crowd without you ever knowing who they were or what you might have done for them.

A properly designed and printed form will add to your professional persona. Again, it’s all about creating the right impression, which is the start of the all-important art of building a relationship.

The Royal County of Berkshire Show is on September 19/20 so if you haven’t already planned your printing it’s time you spoke to the team at Apple Print & Creative:;; or call (01635) 521654.

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