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The changing face of marketing

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The changing face of marketing

THE idea that business is constantly changing is not new, but the speed at which branding and marketing have changed has escalated.

Social media has disrupted the way that businesses promote themselves, and mobile browsing has modified the type of content that brands share.

The volume of online marketing is the third facilitator of change, as consumers have become far more selective about the type of graphics, posts and information they will pay attention to.

The challenge for business today is to change in tandem, keeping pace with how consumers prefer to be marketed to.

In a constantly evolving marketplace, it is surprising that many companies are still resistant to embrace a digital strategy. The data and metrics bear the truth about content marketing; if you are not engaged in marketing your product or service online effectively, you risk being essentially ‘edged out’ by brands that have mastered their social media, ecommerce and direct email marketing.

According to the Lloyds Digital Index (2014), one third of businesses do not have basic online skills in their organisation. Couple this with the fact that consumers are becoming more and more digital savvy, and expect the companies they communicate with to be the same.

This will lead to a potent concoction of disappointment for companies that are not on-board with what is now the universally accepted method of customer recruitment, retention and brand promotion; digital marketing.

If you need further justification of why you need to convert your company to thrive in a digital world, just consider the case of the once-mighty Blockbuster’s rental business and compare that to the digital savvy business model of Netflix.

The innovator that listens to what their market wants, and tailors product or service accordingly, wins. So how do you manage a digital transformation for your company?

As a digital marketing agency, Generate UK has spent years advising and supporting small businesses and large corporations with effective digital marketing strategy.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to online marketing, but rather a customised, authentically tailored approach that matches both the brand culture and organisation’s growth.

Understanding the fundamentals and potential of digital marketing strategy can help you develop campaigns that support sales growth and the continued success of your business locally, and/or internationally.

Traditional marketing versus digital marketing

Is social media marketing?

It is one important tool in an arsenal of classic and digital marketing methods that effectively communicate to existing and new customers.

We advise our clients to incorporate a blended strategy of traditional marketing and digital marketing activities in alignment with strategic organisational objectives.

Deciding what tools to use and how often to communicate through channels like social media and email marketing is a science that is backed by research and proven by metrics and analytics.

Consistency in messaging is also important. Are you sending conflicting impressions to your customers? What ‘stories’ are you telling about your products or services using creative content?

Generate UK specialises in strategic full-service marketing plans that help clearly communicate product, price, place and promote the advantages of choosing your business first, rather than your competitors.

Understand your current position

This is an essential first step when thinking about your business and planning your digital transformation.

Assess and benchmark your current position. n What do your company processes look like?

How are resources deployed?

What is the available knowledge and skill set within your organisation? Evaluate your internal talent pool and determine the cost of hiring versus outsourcing.

How well are you managing your growth with existing measures?

What are your organisational sales targets and goals?

After auditing your internal marketing performance, take a look at some of the industry leaders in your niche sector. What are they doing well that you would like to see emulated in your own marketing strategy?

If your competitors are actively using digital marketing campaigns to grow their opportunities, the good news is that your business can achieve the same results (or better) with the right tools and expertise.

Travelling the road to digital excellence

Digital transformation requires work, dedication, knowledge and a company-wide willingness to change. It is not something that can be achieved overnight, but placing the correct resources and methods will begin to show measurable and exciting results.

Our annual seminar is designed to help local businesses audit their current digital marketing strategy and inspire improvement that will make your business or brand a contender for growth.

If you would like to know more about digital transformation and how to take your business to the next level, join Generate UK at the ‘Road to Digital Excellence’.

Accept our invitation to learn more about practical digital marketing tools that will help develop your strategic plan. Do you have questions about direct email marketing, social media or other services?

Our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions in our discussion period following the presentation. No matter where you are on the ‘Road to Digital Excellence’ you will walk away with inspiration and fresh ideas to propel your marketing strategy forward.

Join us! Road to Digital Excellence, October 1, 9am to noon, Millennium Madejski Hotel, Reading.

Space is limited and registration is required. Reserve your seat by contacting us at (01635) 887711 or email us at

Join our special event page on Facebook for more details or to share additional news about our upcoming event.

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