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Look after your firm's superstars

Running a business is tough enough without a rot from the inside, writes Andrew Watts from Apple Print & Creative

Look after your firm's superstars

Andrew Watts of AP&C

Bad staff and the wrong attitude can hold back even the greatest of businesses.

As business owners, we need to be tough and set a standard required by our teams that we expect people to adhere to.

Remember, and we all know this, that the better the people the better your business will perform, the more clients you will retain and the better your peer-to-peer reviews will be.

Getting it right can be tough, but once you have the right team make sure you reward and praise them while making training an important part of the working day.

Good people are always looking to learn and we, as owner managers, should provide that learning environment.

Always make sure your team know where they stand – ambiguity can cause performance issues within your teams. Say when you are pleased and be clear when you are not.

A great way to offer value to our staff would be through mentoring, and, rather than having to go external for this, we can get our senior managers or ourselves, to take a member of staff under our wing.

Ask clients, friends or suppliers you like and respect to help. New and fresh perspectives can really make a difference.

Once you show your staff that you care about their growth and make work a rewarding experience for them, you will have your superstars.

They will make your business great and you will want to reward them, pay them more, give extra holiday or many other little things that will keep them trying their best for you.

It’s an old cliché, but you must lead by example. Treat people right, communicate both good and bad feedback and help them grow.

Being aware of the company values and aims will make such a difference you will wonder why you had not started a superstar programme years ago.

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