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A new year with new vigour

But make sure your goals are achievable, says Romilla Arber

Romilla Arber, of the Honesty Group

Romilla Arber, of the Honesty Group

THE beginning of the year is traditionally a time to make personal resolutions and promises which are more often than not broken by February.

When running a business though, it is vital not to give oneself unrealistic goals that stand a chance of being broken.

This is not only a bad message to send to staff and customers, but also poor self-motivation.

With Brexit looming over all businesses, it is certainly a difficult time to plan ahead and the worry of a slowdown is also an anxiety that colours the decisions to be made in the year to come.

I for one am determined to stay positive in the face of uncertainty and not to veer from the path that we have agreed as a business to follow, and in this respect I cannot praise loudly enough the virtue of having a management strategy in place for all businesses, whatever their size.

At Honesty, we sat down with a management strategist many months ago and she helped us to focus our minds on our goals.

The meetings were intensive, but highly rewarding.

They involved a huge amount of honesty and trust between the participants so that everyone could feel free to voice their concerns, ideas and hopes for the future.

It takes a talented management consultant to pick through the meat and bones of a business to find the essence of what makes that business tick and it is only once this was done could we work towards a strategy for the future.

I would suggest that such a task is essential for all businesses, whatever the size, so make your resolution to make that phone call to a management strategy consultant.

It is definitely worth the investment.

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