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Newbury Volvo retailer offers top tips on how to spot clocked cars

Latest figures that suggest as many as 2.3 million cars on UK roads display incorrect mileages

Newbury Volvo retailer offers top tips on how to spot clocked cars

According to a recent study, clocked cars are on the rise, but would you know how to spot one?

A clocked car is one which has had its displayed mileage lowered so it can be sold for a higher value.

Selling a car without declaring its genuine mileage is not only illegal but also potentially dangerous to drivers because mileage is often used as an indicator of a car’s overall health.

Following figures that suggest as many as 2.3 million cars on UK roads display incorrect mileages, the dealer principal at a local Volvo retailer has passed on his five top tips to help you avoid being a victim of a clocked car.

Tim Day, from Fawcetts Volvo Newbury, Pinchington Lane, said: “Clocked cars cost motorists millions every year, since higher-mileage, lower-value vehicles are being sold on at premium prices.

“Volvo prides itself on being a leader in safety, so I’ve supplied my top tips to show how you can avoid purchasing a clocked car.”

1. Check service history

A car’s mileage is recorded at every MoT test, so check that there are no gaps or questionable mileages where the number is unusually low for one or more years.

Previous MoT tests can be checked online at

2. Examine its condition

The overall condition of a car will help to indicate how many miles it has travelled, so look for signs of corresponding wear and tear, including a worn steering wheel, pedals and interior switches.

Also check for signs of measures taken to mask a car’s true mileage, including fresh paint covering bodywork damage.

3. Take it for a test drive

Ideally, try to drive several examples of the same model so you know how the car should feel when you have your test drive.

If there are clear differences between the cars, this may suggest that you are driving a clocked car.

4. Double-check the mileage

Keep an eye on the mileage when you collect the car, because clocked car sellers sometimes roll back the mileage for the first viewing and return it to the original mileage after the sale so it appears legal.

5. Buy from a reputable programme

Consider buying from an approved-used car programme, such as Volvo Selekt.

All Volvo Selekt cars are less than seven years old and have done fewer than 100,000 miles.

Each car receives more than 100 checks to meet Volvo’s exacting safety, performance and appearance standards, including a history and provenance check.

When replacements are required, only Volvo genuine parts are used, and each car also comes with a minimum six months warranty.

For total peace of mind, there’s even a 30-day exchange guarantee to ensure you are 100 per cent satisfied.

For further information about Fawcetts Volvo Newbury, to organise a test drive, or to find out more about the Volvo Selekt Approved Used Car programme, visit, email or call (01635) 46660.

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