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Employers, do you talk about your apprentices?

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Employers, do you talk about your apprentices?

Lots of employers in West Berkshire employ apprentices, with some actively seeking to bring local young talent into the business.

However, how many of those employers promote this fact in their communication with customers?

It may seem ordinary to recruit and train an apprentice and yet it is a feature of your business that marks you out from the crowd.

By championing the fact that you are an apprenticeship employer you may win some unexpected benefits.

Your customers are interested

According to the Centre for Economics & Business Research, 25 per cent of consumers would be willing to pay a premium for goods or services provided by businesses that champion apprentices.

It may be even higher if that business champions local apprentices to local consumers.

Most people can understand the positive impact of apprenticeships and how it is an investment in local people and the local economy.

As a result, some would prefer to deal with businesses that make (and advertise) that commitment.

Apprentices could be a recruitment asset

Local schools crave an understanding about the opportunities that apprenticeships have to offer.

However, they prefer real stories from local apprentices and their employers.

By giving a short talk or workshop to these schools about your apprentices you can raise your profile and highlight yourself as an employer of choice.

In our local economy, making these connections could provide you with an edge when seeking the best new talent.

Your business could be an apprenticeship ambassador

Employer networks such as FSB, CBI and Chamber of Commerce want to hear about the business success of apprenticeships.

If your organisation became an ambassador for apprenticeships you’d be in front of potential new clients on a regular basis.

It is worth considering turning your investment in apprentices into an advantage by getting out there and raising your profile.

It’s a good time to be an employer engaged with apprentices.

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