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Channel 4's Hunted cliffhanger as Newbury couple make it to the final

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Will they escape their pursuers?

Will Jess and Ella get caught?
Will Jess and Ella get caught?

THE final episode of Channel 4 reality TV series Hunted tonight (Thursday), will reveal whether or not a Newbury couple will escape capture to the end and share in the £100,000 prize money.

Ella Tomkins and her partner Jessica Warr, who met when they were pupils at St Bartholomew’s School, have made it to the final six in the show, which challenges members of the public to stay one step ahead of a team of specially-trained ‘hunters’.

Last week’s episode saw Ms Tomkins and Ms Warr return to Newbury to replenish their supplies.

The ‘hunters’ guessed they would return to Newbury and passers-by in Northbrook Street and outside Newbury Station were handed flyers and ‘wanted’ posters were pasted on bus shelters and posted through letterboxes.

The programme showed the couple getting help from Newbury hairdresser Sarah Riggott, who gave a heavily- disguised Jess money and supplies, before arranging for some other friends to organise their escape.

Ms Riggott was questioned by the ‘hunters’, but held her nerve and denied all knowledge of having seen the girls.

In a later scene, Ms Tomkins and Ms Warr were shown driving off in the back of a car with some friends, after sending a video to their pursuers which they filmed off another friend’s phone.

He then drove off in the opposite direction in order to create a diversion.

This did not fool the professional hunters for long – they soon saw through the ruse and set off in hot pursuit to the house where the girls were enjoying a rest and leisurely drink, sure that they had outwitted their captors.

The programme finished on a cliffhanger with the pair realising that they were about to be caught and escaping into open fields at the back of their friend’s garden.

The promo for tonight's programme show's the girls happy and relaxed, followed by the moment they realise that their pursuers are close by.

Viewers will find out whether or not they manage to escape capture and share in the prize money in tonight’s programme, the last in the series, at 9pm.

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