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West Berkshire Council rejects Youngs Industrial Estate development in Aldermaston

West Berkshire Council has refused a proposed commercial development in Aldermaston.

Young Estates and Land Ltd applied in November to construct eight light industrial units and office accommodation, including parking and access roads, on Youngs Industrial Estate in Paices Hill.

But the council has rejected the application on grounds of public safety, increased traffic volume and the impact on the surrounding rural area.

Proposed site of works on Youngs Industrial Estate
Proposed site of works on Youngs Industrial Estate

Aldermaston Parish Council declared the application provides insufficient information and has adopted a policy to object to all commercial applications which could lead to an increase in HGV traffic on the A340.

It also relayed its concern over extending commercial development in the direction of residential dwellings, protected heritage assets and rural countryside.

Residents also complained about further traffic congestion, noise disturbance, pollution and vibration damage to listed buildings.

"We live in a Grade II-listed property," said Cameron Young. "Every time a HGV goes past our house, the timber frame shakes and cracks appear in the house.

"We cannot have any more traffic in the village."

Adam Price added: "As we are responsible for the upkeep of the property, these business will be putting further strain on the buildings without contributing to their repair and maintenance."

Front, side and rear elevations of the planned buildings
Front, side and rear elevations of the planned buildings

Another reason for the refusal was the site's proximity to AWE Aldermaston.

There is a greater risk that urgent evacuation would be necessary in the event of a radiation emergency.

The site also lies on one of the main response routes to and from AWE and is an area where there is already a high level of existing commercial units.

The Office for Nuclear Regulation also advised against the development.

Electric car charging points and an adequate drainage strategy were also listed as conditions for the application to have been accepted.

The appeal status is currently unknown.

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