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Double International Space Station pass over the UK tonight, followed by HTV9 supply ship - from Japan - in its wake

Cargo freighter heading for ISS successfully launched

THE International Space Station has been on show over the UK for the last week and the fun continues this weekend. On Saturday, May 23, ISS will be visible at 10.55pm and on Sunday, May 24, at 10.07pm and 11.44pm.

And you're in for an extra treat when HTV9 comes into view at 11.06pm, on Saturday night.

All of them will make their approach from the west.

On Wednesday Japan successfully launched HTV9, a cargo freighter carrying the last set of six lithium-ion batteries to upgrade the International Space Station’s solar power truss. It was launched from Tanegashima Space Centre.

You can see it as it tracks the orbit of the ISS. It has some catching up to do, but is due to make contact with the ISS on May 25 - and should now be visible up until then following in the mother ship's tracks.

Watch historic rocket launch live

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