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Drunken Inkpen teenager Zigana Mosher attacked police

A NIGHT out in Newbury ended in arrest for one drunken villager.

As a result, Zigana Mosher appeared at Reading Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, March 27.

Reading Magistrates Courts
Reading Magistrates Courts

The 18-year-old, of Robins Hill, Inkpen, was drunk and out of control when she attacked a police officer, the court heard.

Elona Panxha, prosecuting, said the drama happened when Ms Mosher’s partner was arrested.

She began berating a female officer with homophobic comments, calling her a “lesbian c***,” the court heard.

Ms Panxha said the teenager then punched the officer twice, on either side of the face.

She added: “She was highly intoxicated; she attacked the officer for no reason whatsoever.

“The officer was just doing her job in the early hours of the morning.

“In interview she accepts making the comments and accepts hitting the officer, saying she was sorry for her actions.

“She then answered ‘no comment’ to other questions.”

Ms Panxha said the crown was seeking a harsher punishment than normal to reflect the aggravating feature of homophobia.

Ms Mosher admitted assaulting PC Skye Rowland-Harrison in the execution of her duty in Newbury on July 30 last year.

She further admitted using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour thereby causing PC Rowland-Harrison harassment, alarm or distress on the same occasion.

Robert Jacques, defending, pointed out that his client had no cautions or previous convictions.

He said: “She was very young at the time.”

Mr Jacques said Ms Mosher was due to give birth to her first child imminently and added: “On the night in question she had been in town with her partner.

“He was detained by police for an entirely unrelated matter and he had her phone and bank cards.

“She was very drunk; she felt very isolated and vulnerable, which wasn’t entirely her fault.”

He told the court that Ms Mosher felt it was incumbent on the police to help her and, when they declined, “she lost it”.

Mr Jacques went on: “She just reacted very badly in a difficult situation; it was out of character.”

Magistrates made Ms Mosher subject to an 18-month community order, which they said had been extended from 12 months to reflect the homophobic element of the incident.

In addition, they ordered Ms Mosher to complete 10 rehabilitation activity requirement days and ordered her to pay £85 costs, plus a statutory victim services surcharge of £114.

Finally, Ms Mosher was ordered to pay PC e Rowland-Harrison £200 in compensation for the attack.

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