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Fears rise to surface again as Prologis applies for renewal

Temporary three-year planning permission for trailer and container storage was given in 2010, and now, with the conditions set to expire on April 15 this year, the firm has lodged another request to West Berkshire Council to see storage activity continued until 2016.
However, parish councillors and local residents have expressed their concern, which failed to be quelled by the six-metre height condition to minimise the landscape blight on surrounding Greenham Common and traffic restrictions which limit the routes which lorries can use when accessing the site.
The site has generated complaints of visual blight, with the storage containers dominating the landscape, and noise in recent years, with local residents claiming to have been kept awake by “loud thuds” in the early hours of the morning.
The chairman of Greenham Parish Council, Tony Forward, said: “I’m quite concerned about it.
"[The noise] has caused absolute mayhem for residents, it can be heard as far as Kingsclere and Burghclere.
“It’s [something] that all the residents around the airbase are very upset about.
“Here we have got a planning permission where the site is supposed to be returned to as before and yet they are still being allowed to carry on.”
The US company was originally granted permission to build a row of large warehouses on the site in 2009, however the plans were shelved as the recession took hold and the firm instead used part of the land to store trailers and containers for open storage.
So far, three objections have been received from local residents, relating to the noise and visual impact on Greenham and Crookham commons, an increase in traffic and the fact that no information has been given to state what will be stored on the site.
A decision is expected from West Berkshire Council by May 3.
Prologis refused to comment on the application.

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