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Festive Fun - jolly easy food bites to make with the kids

Just a few ingredients, simple to put together and simply delicious

Geraldine Gardner

Geraldine Gardner


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Festive Fun -  jolly easy food bites to make with the kids

Almost healthy

You need:
small white marshmallows (you can buy packets in the baking section from any supermarket)
green grapes
You will also need cocktail sticks for this one, so be careful with little fingers

♦ Cut the pointed end off the strawberries and slice the bananas

♦ Assemble by pushing each item onto the stick, starting with the grape, then the banana, the strawberry and finally the small marshmallow

♦ If the kids want to add a face, you can buy tubes of icing, and they can go to town on the eyes and a suitable grimace ...

And don’t worry about the rest of the strawberries, if they don’t get eaten while they work – just top them off with a bit of whipped cream and use them to decorate plates



♦ Cut the top off the strawberry and make the base flat - pipe or spoon some whipped cream on and then top it with the pointed end of the strawberry

♦ Add a bit of cream to the tip of the strawberry and create buttons with the cream if you want

♦ Create a smiley face with a tube of icing

This picture shows our effort at this one - bit wonky in parts but who cares, and they’re still delicious

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