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Highclere villager's New Year 'swansong' to Downton Abbey

New lyrics set to Frank Sinatra song

Jane Meredith

Jane Meredith


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Highclere villager's 'swansong' to Downton Abbey

A HIGHCLERE villager has written a catchy song to bring in the New Year – a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the hit television series, Downton Abbey.

After the final curtain fell on the ITV series, filmed at Highclere Castle, on the Berkshire/Hampshire border, the comical lyrics by villager Kevin Pearson, have been set to the music of a famed song by ‘Ole blue eyes.’

Following the final, Christmas Day special episode of the award winning period drama, Mr Pearson penned his Farewell to Downton Abbey, set to the tune of the famed Frank Sinatra song: My Way.

“We will miss it (Downton Abbey) in Highclere. It has brought great pleasure to so many people throughout the world, not least in....HIGHCLERE!” said Mr Pearson.

Castle opening days have sold out well in advance following the series, and visitor numbers soared, in line with the phenomenal success of Downton Abbey around the globe.

Villagers have since delighted in spotting cast members dining/staying at local hostelries, such as the Carnarvon Arms, in nearby Whitway.

Villagers’ good humour at the high profile attention also triggered the erection, in recent years, of spoof ‘Twinned with Downton Abbey’ road signs (pictured) along the main road, the A343/Andover Road, through Highclere.

Hence Mr Pearson’s equally tongue-in-cheek pseudonym - 'chairman Highclere Town Twinning.'

The signs provoked a swift approach from local highways authorities, who pointed out they broke highways regulations and promptly ordered them taken down.

Farewell to  Downton Abbey

By Kevin Pearson - Chairman Highclere Town Twinning (with apologies to Paul Anka).

Sung to the tune of ‘My way’ by Frank Sinatra – karaoke tracks available on

And now, the show has gone, it’s changed our lives, without us knowing,

We dread, the silent screen, that yawning hole in Sunday viewing,

The lives of all those stars, their changing worlds, have moved you and I dear,

Oh, yes they will be missed,

Not least in…


The plots, however weak, still grabbed us all, in every era,

They tried, in every way, to keep us loyal to ‘toffs’ and inferior,

We claimed to all we met “We’re from Downton”

“And if you fly near”

“Please come to call, we know them all”

We live in…


There were some times, we all could see, that luck would run out, for you and me,

Their lives would change, and so would ours,

It could not last, for endless hours,

You’ve touched us all,

And we’ll stand tall,

We live in,..


And now the stars are gone, no Maggie Smith, or Penny Wilton,

They’ve gone, to who knows where, their parts have died, no script to build-on,

We know, that some where soon,

That ‘Fellows’ script will make us cry dear,

We know not when,

We’ll meet again,

Next time in…


When they return, on silver screen,

We’ll flock to view, each perfect scene,

We’ll tell our friends, and we’ll be there,

To see them all, there lives to share,

We may be mad,

But we are glad,

To live in…


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  • padrew


    04/01/2016 - 02:02

    I am going to miss this show so so very much I want to visit so bad but can not afford too I love downton abbey and Highclere