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“Cross-party collaboration has to happen, international collaboration has to happen and it has to happen now"

Jonathan Ashby

Jonathan Ashby


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NORTH West Hampshire’s Green Party candidate Lance Mitchell has said he would push for immediate action on climate change if elected.

Parliament declared an environment and climate emergency in May, but the Andover-based 63-year-old insisted that more had to be done both nationally and globally to combat climate change.

“Individual efforts to be greener make tiny dents in the real problem – no more than a hailstone could make,” he said.

“Even if we get a Government that will turn words into action, that’s still not good enough – we need international collaboration – simultaneous and immediate in order to have an impact on this huge problem that faces us.”

Mr Mitchell said that only the Greens could be relied upon to put the environment first.

“The values of the Green Party have been consistent over the years, while the approach of the other parties haven’t been consistent,” he said.

“Jo Swinson has backed fracking in the past and, although this Government put an embargo on fracking after years of backing it, it’s just a temporary block. Call me cynical, but that temporary block will be lifted as soon as the election is over.

“Cross-party collaboration has to happen, international collaboration has to happen and it has to happen now.”

Mr Mitchell decided to stand as a Green Party candidate for the election after becoming fed up with traditional politics – but was keen to insist that the party wasn’t solely about the environment.

“People are mistaken to think the Green Party are all about the environment – of course it’s top of the agenda, but you only have to look at our manifesto and policies to see there are other things important to us. I’ve seen the Government saying they’re investing more than ever before in the NHS – and all these words we hear during election time – however we’re failing to meet or get anywhere near the targets on A&E action.”

Mr Mitchell will also push for a people’s vote on any Brexit withdrawal agreement.

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