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West Berkshire Council candidates announced

William Walker

William Walker


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The candidates to contest the 52 seats on West Berkshire Council at the May 7th General Election have now been announced.
There are 52 Conservative candidates this year, 51 Liberal Democrats, 36 Labour candidates, 11 Green Party candidates, 6 for UKIP, 3 Apoliticals and 1 candidate for the Patriotic Socialist Party.
The candidates to stand for each Ward are as follows:

Aldermaston (one seat)
Dominic Boeck (CON)
Leslie Cooper (Labour)
James Spackman (Lib Dem)

Basildon (one seat)
Laura Coyle (Lib Dem)
Alan Law (CON)

Birch Copse (three seats)
Cara Benda (Labour)
Anthony Chadley (CON)
David Cooper (Lib Dem)
Judith Cooper (Lib Dem)
Sean Hartney (Labour)
Anthony Linden (CON)
Clive Taylor (Labour)
Emma Webster (CON)

Bucklebury (two seats)
Charlie Hindhaugh (Labour)
Janette Miranda (Lib Dem)
Graham Pask (CON)
Emma Spriggs (Lib Dem)
Quentin Webb (CON)

Burghfield (two seats)
Carol Jackson-Doerge (CON)
James Lee (Labour)
Royce Longton (Lib Dem)
Ian Morrin (CON)
Nicholas Morse (Lib Dem)

Calcot (three seats)
Peter Argyle (CON)
Kate Butler (Labour)
Charles Croal (Labour)
Sue Farrant (Lib Dem)
Manohar Gopal (CON)
Mike Hood (Lib Dem)
Gordon Lewis (Labour)
Susan Prime (Lib Dem)
Richard Somner (CON)

Chieveley (one seat)
Hilary Cole (CON)
George Osborne (Labour)
Simon Pike (Lib Dem)

Clay Hill (two seats)
Phil Barnett (Lib Dem)
Jeff Beck (CON)
David Goff (CON)
Pam Lusby-Taylor (Lib Dem)
Neil Taylor (Labour)
Ian Waters (UKIP)

Cold Ash (one seat)
Sophie Kain (Labour)
Garth Simpson (CON)
Jan Stowell (Lib Dem)

Compton (one seat)
Gerald Orbell (Labour)
Virginia Von Celsing (CON)
Jim White (Lib Dem)

Downlands (one seat)
Carolyne Culver (Green)
Christopher Hood (Lib Dem)
Clive Hooker (CON)
Grahame Murphy (Labour)

Falkland (two seats)
Howard Bairstow (CON)
Linda Cooper (Labour)
Sam Dibas (Lib Dem)
Adrian Edwards (CON)
Peter Fergusson (Lib Dem)
David Marsh (Green)
Peter Norman (Apolitical)

Greenham (two seats)
Charlie Ashley (UKIP)
Jeremy Bartlett (CON)
Jason Collis (CON)
Billy Drummond (Lib Dem)
Gary Puffett (Labour)
Julian Swift-Hook (Lib Dem)
Stephen Wallis (Green)

Hungerford (two seats)
Rob Chicken (Lib Dem)
Denise Gaines (Lib Dem)
Paul Hewer (CON)
James Podger (CON)
Peter Wellington (Labour)
Trish Whitham (Green)

Kintbury (two seats)
James Cole (CON)
Timothy Davis (Green)
Lucy Glass (Labour)
Simon Hudson (Lib Dem)
James Mole (Lib Dem)
Anthony Stansfeld (CON)
Andrew Stott (Patriotic Socialist Party)

Lambourn Valley (two seats)
Hannah Cooper (Labour)
Mavis Greenhalgh (Lib Dem)
Peter Greenhalgh (Lib Dem)
Graham Jones (CON)
Gordon Lundie (CON)

Mortimer (two seats)
Graham Bridgman (CON)
Archie Fritz (Labour)
Mollie Lock (Lib Dem)
Geoffrey Mayes (Lib Dem)
Andrea Stephenson (CON)

Northcroft (two seats)
Catherine Anderson (UKIP)
Jeanette Clifford (CON)
Pamela Cooper (Green)
Lynne Doherty (CON)
Clive Dray (UKIP)
Charlie Farrow (Apolitical)
Gwen Mason (Lib Dem)
Tom Overend (Labour)
Tony Vickers (Lib Dem)
David Yates (Apolitical)

Pangbourne (one seat)
Pamela Bale (CON)
Miriam Kennet (Green)
Matthew Shakespeare (Lib Dem)
Ian Stevens (Labour)

Purley-On-Thames (two seats)
Steve Brown (Lib Dem)
Frank Dunaway (Labour)
Shirley-Ann Dunaway (Labour)
Rick Jones (CON)
Tim Metcalfe (CON)
Ann Turner (Lib Dem)

Speen (two seats)
Paul Bryant (CON)
Gareth Croft (Labour)
Marcus Franks (Con)
Tony Harris (Lib Dem)
Jill Hoblin (Green)
Ceinwen Lally (Lib Dem)

St Johns (two seats)

John Boyd (Lib Dem)
Mike Johnston (CON)
Rob Mellor (Green)
Andy Moore (Lib Dem)
Gabriela Moreira Vazquez (Labour)
Robert Morton (UKIP)
Anthony Pick (CON)
Jonny Roberts (Labour)

Sulhamstead (one seat)
Keith Chopping (CON)
David Godwin (Lib Dem)
Stephen Scott (Labour)

Thatcham Central (two seats)
Richard Crumly (CON)
Marigold Jaques (CON)
Gary Johnson (Lib Dem)
Alan Rivers (Labour)
Stephanie Steevenson (Lib Dem)

Thatcham North (two seats)
Lee Dillon (Lib Dem)
Sheila Ellison (CON)
Owen Jeffery (Lib Dem)
Tony Stretton (Con)
Michael Wakelyn (Labour)

Thatcham South and Crookham (two seats)
Roger Croft (CON)
Rob Denton-Powell (CON)
Paul Field (Green)
Ann Morgan (Lib Dem)
Bob Morgan (Lib Dem)
Juno Orbell (Labour)

Thatcham West (two seats)
Steve Ardagh-Walter (CON)
Sarah Berrington (Labour)
Jeff Brooks (Lib Dem)
Nick Goodes (CON)
Ernesto Paramo (Labour)
Keith Woodhams (Lib Dem)

Theale (one seat)
Alan Macro (Lib Dem)
Billie Reynolds (Labour)
Andrew Thompson (CON)

Victoria (two seats)
Dennis Benneyworth (CON)
James Fredrickson (CON)
Roger Hunneman (Lib Dem)
David McMahon (UKIP)
Susan Millington (Green)
Karen Swaffield (Labour)
Martha Vickers (Lib Dem)

Westwood (one seat)
James Hutchinson (Labour)
Paul Walter (Lib Dem)
Laszlo Zverko (CON)

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