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General Election 2015: Newbury speaks

William Walker

William Walker


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General Election 2015: Newbury speaks

Newbury Today took to the streets of Newbury this morning (Thursday) to gauge the political mood. Here’s what some local residents had to say.
Retired banker Colin Hagger who has lived in Newbury since 2001 says he has voted at every election for the last fifty years.
He said: “I always vote and I have never missed a vote. If you don’t vote then you can’t complain at whoever wins.
“I do wonder if First Past the Post is better than a more representative system because the constituencies do change sometimes.”
He revealed he was now a postal voter and explained: “We go away a bit so it’s much more convenient for us.”
One Newbury resident Mr Cryer who had already cast his vote that morning told us: “It’s going to be close.
“I think the Newbury candidates have been round quite a lot and have done quite well but I don’t know who is going to win, but I had already made up my mind.
“I think everybody should vote. If you don’t then whoever gets in then you can’t complain.”
But not everybody was keen on the constant campaigning.

One Curridge voter who preferred not to be named said that the election campaign had been “a complete bore.”

She said that her vote was already decided before polling day and added: “Nothing they have said has made me alter my opinion, I haven’t seen them around here much, it has been very low key.”
Will Mydlarz who is from Winchester and was visiting Newbury said the campaign had been “pretty full on.”
He added: “I have just been bombarded with leaflets and flyers trying to make me vote for them” but admitted he would definitely be voting later.
Karen Sinclair who operates a crafts stall on Northbrook Street and whose vote will be made in nearby Reading said: “I will be relieved when it’s all over and we can all get back to normal."

How have you found the electioneering over the last six weeks? Get in touch and let us know at

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