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Owner's desperate plea following theft of baby goats

Thieves trash barn and steal three baby pygmy goats from Chilton farm

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Owner's desperate plea following theft of baby goats

THE owner of three baby goats who were stolen this week has made a desperate plea for their safe return.

Ingrid Smith of Willow Farm in Chilton awoke on Thursday morning to find the barn where the black, baby pygmy goats were kept had been broken into and her pets taken.

The kids, which are just three-months-old, will be unlikely to survive on their own and Mrs Smith is now hoping the public can help in the safe return of her animals.

She said: "I'm just desperate to have them back.

"They aren't really old enough to look after themselves at that age.

"Those little ones are quite vulnerable and shouldn't be without their mother for too long and they won't do well in this weather as they can catch pneumonia quite easily.

"It's just heartbreaking."

The theft was discovered on Wednesday morning at around 9am when Mrs Smith came out to the barn and discovered the building had been broken in to.

The thieves had forced their way in and vandalised the building which is just 500 yards from Mrs Smith house.

Mrs Smith said: "I came out and the barn was a mess.

"They'd thrown things all over and smashed eggs about the place but nothing else was taken. 

"The kids are so cute and it's possible that whoever's broken in may have seen them and just decided to take them.

"I'm hoping they haven't just dumped them somewhere.

"They make lovely pets so if anyone is offered them for sales then they should contact the police immediately."

The three baby goats were taken between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

They are black in colour and roughly the size of a terrier dog.

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