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"In Europe" campaign to canvass in Newbury

Liberal Democrat pro-EU campaign to launch tomorrow

William Walker

William Walker


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"In Europe" campaign to canvass in Newbury

With the final date of the EU Referendum expected to be announced today (Friday) local Liberal Democrats have organised a street stall at the weekend to canvas support for staying in Europe.

The party will operate a stall between 10am and 4pm outside Newbury’s Marks & Spencer at Northbrook Street, collecting signatures for the “IN” campaign.

Parliamentary spokesperson for the Newbury Liberal Democrats Judith Bunting said: “We are proud to share our enthusiasm for being British and also European, and look forward to welcoming like-minded people of all parties to Saturday’s street stall.

“We want to dispel the myths about the EU that are peddled by the national media. The coming Referendum on Britain’s EU membership is the most important political issue in my lifetime.

“It will affect all our children and grandchildren.”

Organiser of the street stall and Newbury Town Councillor Martha Vickers (Lib Dem, Northcroft) said: “We are working with people from all political parties and none on this campaign.

“We welcome support from anyone concerned at the prospect of leaving the EU. We will be collecting signatures, handing out leaflets, recruiting helpers and answering questions from the public.”

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  • KennetandAvon

    22/02/2016 - 13:01

    I love Europe,I liked the EEC,BUT I dislike what the EU has evolved into and the superstate it wants to become.What Cameron has negotiated is irrelevant because history shows the EU moves the goal posts to suit them (re:EEC)and not what suits "us",so OUT OUT OUT ,Judith, and I hope we'll be putting the bunting out come June...



    20/02/2016 - 18:06

    we want our country back,we are sick of being dictated to by a bunch of frogs and krauts. Cameron has been running this country as a charity,handing out money all over the world,not to mention 55 million quid EVERY DAY to those continental creeps in the eu,whilst at the same time strangling our own people here in GB.As for the pinco liberals,they would be even worse,making us all drive on the wrong side of the road,take the poxy euro,and start talking polish.Do the right thing for ENGLAND and the ENGLISH, VOTE OUT.


  • Chunky

    20/02/2016 - 08:08

    This is an expensive means of David Cameron dealing with his Tory-UKIP problem , for which the taxpayer is footing the bill!


  • zmjrc

    19/02/2016 - 16:04

    The Lib Dems are being deliberately deceptive in suggesting that we will 'leave Europe' if we leave the EU (, as the majority of the 'In' campaign is. Expect them to be peddling more of this nonsense at their 'street stall' tomorrow. We cannot 'leave Europe', we are geographically located in Europe. Clear use of dirty tactics to mislead voters. The Lib Dems are so out of touch and irrelevant. The fact they haven't replaced Bunting after she managed to lose over 20% of their votes in this region at the last GE says a lot.


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